Data Management

The success of our client’s marketing strategy begins and ends with data management.  Admail West has a fully staffed Internal Solutions (IS) Department and Data Processing team that work together to focus your marketing efforts. Data management allows your company to never waste a marketing dollar on unqualified or outdated leads. We have the ability to redefine and focus your target market. Furthermore, we understand the key attributes that matter for reaching your desired results in many vertical markets.

At Admail West, data management drives all our marketing efforts and we give you the opportunity to do the same. Our multi-level merge/purge capabilities, database marketing experience and technical knowledge allow us to accurately target and profile data for our clients. We work to support their needs in discovering new prospects.

Our Data Management Services Include:

  • Reviewing individual profiles
  • Setting highly specific criteria
  • Determining how to best engage with the customer or prospect
  • Appending data to find best prospects
  • Re-evaluating lists to develop overall targets
  • Creating qualified lead lists and all-inclusive information about list demographics

Why Should You Use Data Management?

So many companies have lists and lists of data without ever managing and updating that information. This could mean that even the most well-thought-out plan will fall short in generating investment return. At Admail West, we believe in data management as the center of an effective campaign strategy. What makes us so invaluable to your company is that we will create the most specific marketing lists and clean out all your wasteful data. Let us make your marketing dollars go farther with Admail West Data Management.  Don’t let outdated data get the best of your campaign strategy.