Intelligence Reporting

Admail West doesn’t stop at the execution phase of a campaign. Intelligence Reporting is a service we offer as a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of any campaign. We track responses and measure performance so each new campaign runs better than the last. We believe in constantly improving our strategies with thorough research and reporting. Our team of data analysts helps make sense of response data in order to maximize your ROI. We are interested in helping you make informed business decisions.  Through expert analysis, we provide insight to help improve performance. We also advise on course correction opportunities to improve current and future marketing efforts.

Our Intelligence Reporting Includes The Following:

  • Target market research
  • Integrated marketing tracking
  • Intelligent tracking enabled on all campaigns
  • Investigations into customer response
  • Customized reporting measures
  • Added value to campaign strategy

Why Use Intelligence Reporting?

Admail West makes the right decision the informed decision. We never assume or take a shot in the dark. At Admail West, we are constantly developing new ways to tell you more about your audience. Let our experts provide you with intelligence reporting that closes the gap between you and your customers. We utilize the latest tracking and monitoring tools to understand customer behavior. By tracking and interpreting online and offline activity, we can determine where a customer is in the buying cycle and how to best reach and persuade that customer. Make an investment in intelligence reporting today and see a bigger ROI than ever before.