Deliver Effective Direct Mail Campaigns

Connect with your audience to grow your business

There’s a reason that direct mail has been the cornerstone of great marketing for decades: it works. At Admail West, we have the knowledge, staff and nearly a quarter of a century of experience to guide our clients through all the complexities of direct mail.

We offer the latest in offset, inkjet, digital and laser printing that guarantees the quality and personalization your communications demand. Our in-house IT/Data Management Team are experts at variable data programming and merge/purge data management services. Our production technology can handle millions of pieces a day and our finishing services can tab, stamp, bind, fold, score and perforate virtually any way you can imagine.

We mail so much volume at Admail West, there is a USPS (United States Parcel Service) detached unit in our building. We provide on-site mail verification, which means your mail gets en route as fast as possible. We have custom freight plans to expedite delivery and attain postage savings domestically and have experience in leveraging mailing efficiencies internationally. At Admail West we don’t just “get” direct mail. We get results.


There is that decisive moment when a printed piece of mail is in the hands of your customer and you know that you have their attention. There isn’t any other marketing channel like it. The message literally is delivered into the hands of your desired audience.


It starts with the sense of touch. The weight and texture of the paper begins the conversation. The design, the colors and the message determine how long the conversation lasts. The more senses you engage and the more marketing channels you make available to connect, the longer the conversation.


There is something magical about seeing your name in print. Working the customer’s name into a headline, or calling attention to products he or she previously purchased can result in increased sales. Technology has made personalization easier and affordable; customer expectation has made personalization essential.


Direct mail has always been the leader in delivering messages to specific segments of customers using demographic data. Today, sophisticated databases and specialized lists offer comprehensive customer profiles that include not only demographic basics, but also psychographic information, special interests and purchasing behaviors.


Direct mail is one of the few mediums that you can easily track the success of your campaign. With variable printing, the opportunities to offer specialized tracking are endless. In the body copy, include traceable coupon codes, special
links or secret codes to encourage customer engagement. In the address section, add automated bar coding to track receipt and redemption. By tracking and analyzing results, it is easy to see what’s working and make adjustments to make future mailings more effective.


By definition, a direct mail piece should never be a stand alone medium in a marketing campaign. It is a campaign; the direct mail is a cog in a larger machine. Add a QR code or PURL for more information. Use e-mail to remind customers of an expiring offer. Tie-in social media that references your catalog to encourage online ordering. Direct mail can be the beginning or the middle of the conversation with a customer, but you never want it to be the end.


Direct mail works. It provides a channel to deliver exactly what you need marketing to do: get your messages into the hands of your customer and drive sales. According USPS, 77% of Consumers sort thru their mail immediately1, and 65% of Americans purchased a product or service after receipt of a direct mail piece2. While e-mail and other social media channels play a vial role in marketing communication, direct mail remains the dominant, prominent purchase driver.