Campaign Analytics and Reporting

Creating a campaign strategy is only half the work with online marketing, which means, campaign analytics is the other half. While a company may have a strategy in place, it is not complete without an effective reporting method. Admail West has a highly sophisticated campaign analytics and reporting system that allows you to be in sync with your online marketing progress on a daily basis. Using Admail West campaign analytics services can give you much needed insight into the most effective marketing campaign you have ever had. We provide quality data analysis and regular reporting that revolutionizes marketing platforms and changes the way companies reach their customers. Our effective campaign reports allow businesses to tailor make their future campaigns for better results.

Campaign Analytics Services:

  • Round the clock site visitor tracking
  • Site Value
  • Page Ranking and SEO audits
  • Integrated data analysis that corresponds with marketing platforms and CRM’s.
  • Conversion Tracking
  • API performance indicators
  • Insight Reports
  • Performance Reports

Why Does Your Company Need Campaign Analytics?

Campaign analytics is the bridge between past strategies and new innovative ones. With improved reporting your business decisions can be more informed than ever. Know your customer, know your process, and see what works. While so much testing goes into all your campaign efforts, the data doesn’t have to get lost. Use the information we have for your best results.

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