Creative Brand Design

Positioning Yourself in A Competitive Market

Finding your place in a competitive market is what sets apart each and every company. An organization’s ability to demonstrate what they bring to the table and offer sought-after services is essential to commercial success. But what makes one company superior to another or at least more competitive? Advertising and marketing firms like Admail West help you position your company and leverage your brand for higher levels of success. We exist to make your company, and it’s assets, known by the right consumers looking to buy. Here are a few ways to better understand what it means to position yourself in the same markets as your competitors and succeed.

Brand Development

Looks are everything in the marketing world and with the digital platform easily displaying what your organization has to offer, your brand makes your sales.  Branding a company is so much more than a clean logo and a slogan, it’s a way of talking about yourself to your prospects. Voice and style consistency can propel you to the leading role in your industry. The following checklist is a great way to tell how close you are to reliable brand development.

  • Consistent Logo
  • Consistent Tagline(s)
  • Standard Color and Font Deck
  • Stylized Social Media Posts, Collateral, and Emails
  • Stylized and Functioning Website
  • Unified Voice In Content and Sales Reps
  • Speedy Sales System and Support For Clients

Audience Targeting

Once your branding is complete and unified, you need to define your target audience. Staying ahead in a competitive market means only spending money on advertising that keeps you in front of likely prospects. One way to use audience targeting for lean marketing practices is to make sure you never run a campaign you can’t learn from. Every campaign and analysis should tell you more about the type of people your buyers are. A great place to start is to hire a company to do a thorough analysis of your existing client base. It is important to look at your long time clients are understand who they are. Also, when it comes to growth, test out several new markets with polished campaigns. Companies that excel in their competitive industry are the ones that are flexible and well informed. Click here to request a demographics analysis from our strategists.

Online Advertising

With your audience and brand out of the way, the way you use the internet is what defines if you thrive or simply survive in a competitive market. Positioning your organization as an industry leaders means taking advantage of the social media age and iphone era. Mobile marketing via email and social media provides every company with an equal opportunity to reach the global marketplace. Facebook, Yelp, Google, and more are the major players in building up a competitive company. If you’re not using online advertising, it’s time to start. For information on how to get an online following and claim your place in a competitive market, fill out the form to the right. Our strategists can help.

Is Your Social Media Hurting Your Brand?

Social Media is an amazing outlet for your company to develop a personal voice online. With millions of users and customized demographic targeting, many companies in many industries take advantage of the reach social media provides. However, social media is an art and when done incorrectly it could create a poor representation of your brand. Studies show that most customers do online research before making a purchase. If your social pages rank high and are not accurate representations of your company, you could be missing out on conversions. Things like unbranded posts or irrelevant content may be creating a misleading customer experience but luckily, with the right experience, each issue can be resolved fairly easily.

Branded Posts

Social media posts that do not represent your brand or at least have your logo pose a major threat to your pages. Part of the issue is that your content can be stolen or used by other companies on their social media. What makes posts powerful is that yours stand out and represent your company. Support your brand by creating professional and unique posts to your page. Include a wide variety of images, statuses, and shared links that all represent some part of your company and services. Furthermore, don’t repost anything without giving the proper credit. And finally, brand your page. Make sure your profile photo, header, and about your business segments reflect your website as closely as possible. Aim for professional and inviting.

Relevant Posts

Many companies enjoy sharing memes and other humor from the internet. Before you post, shy away from anything that isn’t consistent with the people in your client base. Avoid curse words and other crude humor (unless that’s your niche) and don’t repost anything that doesn’t look nice. Being active on social media is so much more than throwing some things on your timeline here and there. Be sure that your posts are relevant to your following AND your company. For example, if you’re in the restaurant business focus on food and drink or luxury items. Or if you’re in insurance post articles about local stories relating to insurance. Relevant posts show that you understand your audience and engage with current events.

Posting Consistently

A major part of social media posting is creating regular content. When client’s look at your page, they are able to tell that you’ve only posted a few times in the last six months and this shows a lack of attention to detail. If you have a small team, make sure someone posts once a month. Spreading out the responsibility lessens the hard work and makes it more varied in applicable content. If you have an adspend, hiring a marketing company like Admail West to create your social media posts is another efficient way to not only get a great branded social media page but also turn it into a lead generator for your company.

Adspend And Demographics

The last way your social media could hurt your brand is when there are not correct demographics applied to your advertisements. When you boost a post the money needs to be allocated to the right group of people in order to turn into ROI. This requires testing and an understanding of marketing tools. Advertising firms like Admail West offer social media marketing services that can help craft ads and target the right people. To better reach your demographics, ask Admail West for an analysis of your social media platforms. You just might be surprised with the results.

5 Things You Must Know Before Web Redesign

Web design allows your company to create an office space online where customers can visit and understand your services. A website communicates your unique brand and offers that can help make the difference between a page on the internet and an online marketplace. With major advances in coding the past few years, more industries are seeking updated websites, but before you sign a redesign contract, there are some vital factors to take into consideration. A website is an investment in the future of your company and with Admail West, your company’s needs are put above all else.

1. Your Web Design Goals

There are varying levels of skill required for each type of website design. Some things like custom social media platforms and forums require expertise you can’t always find in an out of the box, website template. Before you decide to use an online service with strangers, make a list of what is most important in your website redesign. Do you need a high or low level of customization? Our web design services offer a wide selection of tiers and pricing that can help you break down your needs into affordable bits. Whether it’s just a new homepage or a completely new look, we’ve got it.

2. Necessary Integrations

Many companies in all industries use a CRM like Salesforce to keep up with their leads and sales process. Nonprofits frequently use a donation software. These are important aspects of a website that go much deeper than the graphic design and they require a lot of knowledge about apex coding and integrations. To ensure you get an accurate quote, list out any integration needs you might have. This will save you time by making sure it’s done correctly the first time.

3. Branding Your New Website

Do you have a consistent brand deck? If not, a website design is the perfect time to evaluate your brand needs and guidelines. Many development companies offer a dual service in both re-branding your company and re-designing a site. This helps to extend your new identity long past your url into social media, collateral and beyond. Take the web development process as a step to get your entire brand in line with your organization's vision. Create a brand voice that speaks even when you’re not present. If you do have a brand clearly defined, then this is the time to make sure you communicate your requirements.

4. Project Timeline

Website builds, depending on the level of customization, can take quite awhile. Make sure that you have an accurate depiction of your time needs. Once you establish your list of needs from above, have your design company draw up a strict timeline with a start and end date that you are comfortable with. Make sure there is extra time for delays and collaboration.

5. Portfolio Of A Web Development Company

The most important aspect of any web development job is to know that you’re working with someone you trust. Any web design company should have a solid portfolio that displays capabilities that line up with all your needs. At Admail West, we only sell services we are completely confident we can deliver. Fill out the form to the right for a sample portfolio of our most recent web designs!

Sales Funnel For Success

How is your sales funnel doing? Many companies could benefit from a clearly defined sales funnel that makes landing a client much easier from initial contact to signing the contract. At Admail West, one of our biggest services is creating a lead generation process that clearly defines roles and needs for each of our clients. From creating an entry point where leads are captured to flowing it into your CRM, let’s break down ways a more defined process can truly benefit your company.

Step 1- Lead Capture

There are a wide variety of ways to capture a lead for your organization. The first step is to define whether you’re looking for an online sale or simply a filled out form as the initial point of contact. The multitude of ways that Admail West can capture this information is in the following:

  • PPC Advertising
  • Social Media Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO and Organic Rankings
  • Website Development

All of these provide opportunities for prospects to fill out a form or buy a product, whichever is your desired action. We use our strategic marketing efforts to capture and deliver exceptional results.

Step 2- Your CRM

An amazing benefit of hiring a company like Admail West is that we can navigate your leads into a CRM like salesforce or raiser’s edge. Any customer relations management tool is an option. What we do is help it flow into your existing system so that your sales reps can easily contact leads with as much information as we can gather. This makes for better communication between marketing and sales while also increasing the conversion rate through your sales funnel.

Step 3- Closing The Deal

The biggest way that Admail West helps your organization close the deal is by promoting your product in a way that is true to form. We offer you a wide variety of tools from consistent branding to follow up emails during the sales process to keep you and your product in the forefront of your client’s minds and computers.

Bonus Step- Re-marketing

The most brilliant part about online marketing and sales funnels is that once someone has converted into a lead, it doesn’t mean we have exhausted them as a client. Instead, we take your existing client base and remarket through social media and emails to give them a better taste of your other offers. Our customizable programs help you re-market for years to come making 1 time customers, life-long customers.

Direct Mail Still Get's Results: Here's Why

While it’s true that online and digital marketing is extremely important in today’s advertising climate, direct mail is still a vital aspect of most industries and it can get you results. Nothing beats the moment when your prospects open their mailbox and hold your postcard, appeal, or offer in their hands. In that moment, your company becomes a tangible part of their day and increases their chances of becoming a customer. Marketing with Direct Mail makes it easier than ever for you to increase brand recognition, reach new markets, and integrate all your marketing campaigns.

Marketing With Direct Mail

The process of using direct mail with Admail West is extremely easy. We begin by defining your campaign goals which vary from vertical to vertical. Do you want someone to redeem a coupon online or in stores? Are you trying to get new clients or stay in from of existing ones? With direct mail we can tailor everything from design to lists to better reach your demographics and goals. Direct Mail is a traditional form of marketing and we bring extensive data and new marketing methods to the table for a unique experience.

Direct Mail Solutions

Direct mail is more than just a form letter sent to your clients. It can be postcards, appeal letters, welcome packets, insurance cards and so much more. Our direct mail marketing solutions come in any shape, size, or quanitity you might need. Custom design and data driven strategy is our specialty and we guarantee to deliver results. Direct mail has been a reliable form of marketing for over a century and with us, we can help you maximize each campaign for unbeatable ROI.

Integrated Marketing

What makes marketing with direct mail so efficient is that we have the capability of combining it with all your advertising platforms to create one unified campaign that is stronger and more reliable than anything you’ve done before. Our direct mail pieces can be integrated with unique landing pages, variable print, email marketing, social media, the list goes on. Our goal is to help your organization create a memorable brand and style. Contact us today to hear about how we can combine digital marketing with direct mail to get you results.

Design Essentials: Developing A Successful Brand

Developing your new brand identity, starts and ends with a firm understanding of your company and what it has to offer. As times change, so should your company. Whether that is to reflect that your audience has expanded demographics or it has aged with existing targets, you need a brand that is recognizable and unique to you. Most company owners have a feeling about what they do best, and when you sit down to brainstorm your new identity, remember that in the digital age, your brand is the most important part of your company.

  • Audience Targeting In Your Brand

Before starting a new look, sit down with your team and a marketing agency to get a grasp on who is your target audience. This should change your logo and coloring because depending on age, gender, class, business, and salary range for your customers, they will respond to things differently. It’s extremely important to know who your audience is. A great way to get a visual concept is to look at your social media followers. Platforms like Facebook allow agencies like Admail West to run reports on a specific page’s demographics. Once you have a solid grasp on this, then you can move on to the design.

  • Inspired Graphic Designer

This is the second most important part of your new look. You should only work with designers that have a deep understanding of brand guidelines and qualities. An inspired designer can shave months off of your rebrand time. Also, remember to listen to their advice. Many people forget that sometimes less is more. When you stray from the straight and narrow of branding, be sure to ask your designer for some input.

  • Brand Consistency

Once your brand is done, make sure it’s spread everywhere. We mean absolutely everywhere. There should be no trace of your old brand except in archived material and contracts. Consistency is what makes a brand particularly recognizable and successful. You don’t want to miss out on being remembered because your email signature is non-descript. Brand consistency breeds trust.

How to Survive A Company Branding

It’s true you’re two months into your company branding and it’s a bit like wading through a swamp of colors, fonts, and the decision to go modern or classic. With a large team and a particular taste, you’re cc’ed on a daily back and forth of constant emails tweaking the smallest aspects of a logo you still don’t quite love. The question is, how do you get from the present chaos to a clean brand that you and your colleagues can’t help but love? Surviving a rebrand is simple, as long as you have the right guidance.

Know Your Rebranding Challenges

Before entering a re-brand, understand that whether your team is 5 or 50, you must find a way to come to a consensus. Knowing your challenges before starting the process, or work with a professional brand company to make the process easier and more cost effective. Here are a few of the most common challenges and solutions with business branding:

  • Large groups of decision makers. Cap the major decision making group at 3-4 people. Let this inner circle get the fundamentals of your brand deck down and then open up for group discussion once a direction is decided. This allows you to get through the initial growing pains without stepping on toes.
  • You want your brand, and you want it now. It makes sense that you’d like your brand ASAP as not having one pauses web development, collateral, email signatures, and so much more. However, a rushed brand will look like just that, rushed. Allow a 3 month window with your design firm. The time it takes to get it right will save you hours of work in the future.
  • This is the hardest part for many of our clients and many people looking for company branding. You have past logos, old business cards, social media profile pictures, etc. When the brand deck is done, your rebranding will only be effective if you apply the finished product to absolutely everything.

When the Business Branding Seems At A Standstill Think Of The ROI.

Having a hard time justifying the money for a brand? While it may be subtle, the return on interest for a new brand deck is exponential over the years. When people love your brand, they want to flaunt your product which in turn brings new clients looking to flaunt your product and the cycle continues. What sets a store apart from a full blown organization is memorability. Your brand creates just that.

Follow These Steps When The Going Gets Tough:

  1. Hire a professional brand designer for your company. A designer and a brand ambassador will help you capture your company’s voice.
  2. Brainstorm and Collaborate. You may be the owner but keep in mind some of your most trusted employees know your company really well and may have insight you don’t. After all, isn’t that why you hired them?
  3. Consider Options. Look at several variations. Rather than simply going with the first round, take some time to look at options. Even if you go with the first one, you’ll have a better understanding of what that works for you.
  4. Expand Your Brand Deck. Once the basics are down, create your brand guidelines. This typically includes logos, icons, colors, fonts, and wording. Similarly, get new cards, bags, signs, etc.

Need help with new company branding? Admail West has a full team of experts equipped to help you develop the right voice and look for you organization.

Why You Need A Marketing Analysis

Most growing companies can expect to spend nearly 12% of their revenue on marketing per year. With such a high percentage of income being spent on promoting your public image, you might want to know exactly where that money goes and if it’s effective. Marketing in the digital age is quicker, more available, and more diverse than ever before but just because you have plenty of options, does not mean you should be using them all. In fact, most companies will find that 2-3 different marketing efforts are more than enough to bring in that much needed ROI. So how do you know what marketing works?

What Is A Marketing Analysis?

Because advertising companies likely have experts in each field on staff at all times, that means they can have insight into all faucets of your marketing.  A marketing analysis is when we are given temporary access to your social media, ad campaigns, email marketing, CRM and sales management, website, and analytics. Then we run statistics compared to your best months of income in relation to your ads, then we compare your statistics to the industry standards for your company. An analysis is when we take every part of your marketing into consideration and investigate exactly which campaign efforts are bringing in the cash.

What Do You Do With A Marketing Analysis?

Upon completion of an analysis, Admail West will do two things. First, we will sit down and go through page by page of your report. We discuss what worked, what didn’t, and answer any questions about what those numbers actually mean. You will likely be surprised about what brings in the money and what doesn’t. The next thing we do is use the information to create an all inclusive strategy. When we take into consideration what has worked for you, we can create a step by step game plan to market more effectively for better results.

The Best Benefit of A Marketing Analysis

Time and time again, we see that our clients are very happy with an analysis because they can streamline their marketing spending. Frequently our clients have outdated data, a lack of direction, and several campaigns that don’t integrate. All of those are things Admail can fix. Hiring an agency or throwing money at social media isn’t the trick to successful marketing, knowledge is. With a marketing analysis, you can expect more customer acquisition, more qualified leads, and growth. Dreaming of reaching new heights in your industry? It might just be time for a marketing analysis.

Social Media Marketing At Its Finest (#Shareacoke)

Coca-Cola recently released yet another viral social media marketing campaign that not only inspires you to buy their product, it makes you love it just a little bit more. The latest and greatest “Share a Coke” (aka #shareacoke) campaign has marketers everywhere wishing they’d thought of it first, and in this blog I’ll tell you why. For all you companies interested in a global market and growth like that of Coca-Cola, I suggest you pull out a pen and paper because everyone is taking notes.

That Personal Touch in Social Media Markets

Social media marketing can be done in so many ways, but at it’s finest social media marketing is personal. In a world where you can know the status of any relationship at any given time, as well as, their current location, products need to seem as if they naturally fit within your consumer's environment. In fact, drinking Coca-Cola needs to seem like one of the many ways to get the most likes, revines, re-tweets, and follows in order to make the #shareacoke campaign a success.

Coke, rather than launching a new product, remarketed the same product flawlessly. When your personal name is your personal brand online, it seems only fitting that even your soda can be personalized. Why drink anything else? In fact, the element of personalization has turned an everyday grocery store product into a gift (See below proposal). Similarly, #shareacoke truly fits so perfectly in a Facebook age where sharing is all the rage. (Speaking of which, share this blog!)

The element of personalization is so fantastic that a man even purposed to his girlfriend with it. The campaign is so successful, the advertising does itself. View the picture of the proposal and Coke’s fantastic social media marketing response below:

Social Media Marketing as A Commercial Replacement

The singularly most brilliant part of this campaign is the way that the product of personalized soda bottles was introduced to the public. As a social media marketing guru, I was simply doing a routine Vine and Instagram check when I ran into all my favorite viners, professional bloggers, and instagramers posting their personalized bottle.

The Untapped Social Media Marketing Mediums

Bloggers and Instagramers Coca-Cola capitalized on the individual bloggers who have thousands of faithful followers. By sending personalized drinks to those people with an organic crowd, they seamlessly proved that they belong in any scene at any time. One such example is well-known Fashion Blogger, Keiko Lynn, who flashed her personalized coke in her swanky New York life. Essentially, Coca-Cola normalized their product to every scenario because, hey, who isn't their target market? View her beautiful picture which instantly gleaned over 5,000 likes. 

Viners and Youtubers

As if flashy images, which, might I mention, required no creative energy on the part of Coke, were not enough. They also turned to the online video sphere to create fantastic commercial for coke without ever requiring Coca-Cola to storyboard or film a single time. The use of this personalized product becomes relatable and humorous.

A popular viner, Robby Ayala was sponsored to create a #shareacoke video which can be viewed below. With nearly 40,000 likes and 10,000 revines, Coke expanded its reach without an overly outrageous adspend. The campaign gives hope to those smaller companies looking to turn to social media marketing as a cost-effective way to stay right in front of their consumers.

For a good laugh watch Robby sell you coke without any sales pitch right here:

All in all, Admail West gives #shareacoke an A++ on the social media marketing front. For viral marketing campaigns, contact us now to hear about all the amazing things our social media marketers can do!

Everyday Marketing: Email Marketing That Works

This week for everyday marketing, the theme is email marketing that works. When it comes to email marketing, we are all subscribed to a wide selection of our favorite companies’ email lists in hopes of receiving information about new products and specials. In fact, it’s quite likely that most days when you log into your email, your inbox is full of newsletters and campaigns. Some of which will entice you to click to a website and potentially even make a few purchases. The emails that invoke responses are email marketing campaigns done right.

Just today, this Bigstock email appeared in our inbox and we thought it was special enough to share. Bigstock is an excellent stock photo provider that understands the effects of visual aid in soliciting a response.

Visually Appealing

Upon opening the email, the first thing that strikes us is the bright nondescript image. The photo represents their company product and their creativity without creating a lot of visual competition within the email. What makes it so successful is that this is the main image with bright positive colors combined with an interesting photo. It’s unusual without being overbearing. When creating email marketing campaigns, one main graphic is a great way to keep it simple. Choose an image that works with your product or slogan while also being unique. Try to keep one campaign series on track with similar visual content without reusing images.


Another part of the success of this email is that it is so simple. The content is two main lines with large letters. It communicates that they have a large stock of visually appealing images that you don’t have to pay royalties on. You hear the benefits, diversity, and appeal of their product without being bogged down by a lot of words. Similarly, the color scheme is minimal but still cohesive. And finally, the call to action is straight forward and easy to find. Simplicity is key because you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your consumer. Bigstock is an excellent example of how simplicity causes us to spend more time on an email and even click through. Want to improve your email marketing click rate? Choose a simple and unique design.


The best part of this email is that it gives something away. A free stock photo may not be a huge deal but it’s a preview of their services and it creates a sense of trust between you and the company. Furthermore it gets people to your site. The longer you can engage a lead, the more time you have to convert them to a customer. The word free is used repeatedly throughout the image and even highlighted in different colors. If you want to make your email campaigns really effective, have some sort of persuasive offer.

Should Your Company Start Email Marketing?

At Admail West, we believe in email marketing as an excellent form of reaching the right customers and then staying in front of them. Our expert staff can provide you with an analysis of email campaigns that work. So should your company start email marketing? Definitely.  We create campaigns that work from start to finish and our team would be honored to help you put your email list to good use. Don’t have an email list? Ask about how Admail West can make you one.

5 Quick Tips to Begin Online Marketing

In the evolution of marketing, it’s not uncommon for many companies to just begin entering the online marketing space. With a little guidance, navigating the set up process can be simple and effective to help build up your lead generating machine. Social media marketing and other online platforms can allow a company to increase and extend their reach in a way that wasn't previously possible. Because creating integrated marketing that works is what we do best, Admail West would like to share the five best practices to build up your online presence without a hitch.

Start Online Marketing:

  1. Claim all your social media profiles. If you've yet to reserve your Facebook and Twitter accounts, among others, you could miss out on your name if someone else has claimed it. Whether you are ready to begin using social media or not, staking your claim early in the game gives you the flexibility to take your time on strategy instead of name changes.
  2. Develop a brand deck and stick to it. A solid brand deck should include: typography, logo(s), an icon, a color palette, slogan, and a content voice. These will be your secret weapon in creating an unmistakable look and message. Major brands stick to their brand deck so well that often a single color can instantly spark an association in customer’s minds.  Make sure to brand all your images, collateral, posts and any other client facing marketing assets to increase recognition.
  3. Optimize your website. While this is more of a process than a one off, take some steps every day to strengthen your SEO. This means running keyword research and demographics research to define how you should communicate and with what specific language. Then hire a writer/SEO specialist, or do it yourself if you’re feeling determined, to create new content for static pages. Pro tip: Start a blog now. Even a little bit every week will transform your site sooner than you think.
  4. Start collecting customer emails. In order to start email marketing campaigns you will need a client list with email contacts. It is really important that when you do start it, you already have a good database of interested customers to maximize success. Ask for emails at your register if you have a storefront, put an email form on your website, and start entering them into one document. We promise it’s going to come in handy for all your automated marketing needs in the future.
  5. Hire a marketing partner.Online marketing is simple with the right campaign strategy. A marketing partner will help you weed out the essential from the things that can be put on the back burner. Knowing where and when to start can really help you get results right away without wasting time or experiencing minimal results in the beginning.

Online Marketing and Admail West

Our team is fully equipped to bring your company top notch results in all realms of integrated marketing. Our passion is growing companies to their full potential with new and developing online strategies and implementation. We would be honored to work with you for all your online marketing needs.

Save the Date - Charity Golf Tournament

Who: Admail West will be partnering with JDRF and 3Strands

What: Inaugural Charity Golf Tournament

When: August 4th, 2014 at 12pm

Where: Catta Verdera Country Club, Lincoln CA

Why: All proceeds to benefit JDRF & 3Strands Global

Save the date and join Admail West as we partner with the national charities, JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and 3 Strands Global, for our First Annual Golf Tournament. Enjoy a day of golf at the Catta Verdera Country Club in Lincoln Ca. on August 4th at 12pm. All proceeds from your support and attendance will directly benefit these noteworthy charities.

JDRF is a leader is the search for an end to type 1 diabetes. Their goal is to progressively remove the impact of T1D from people’s lives until we achieve a world without T1D. 3 Strands Global is a brand that was created to fund the Agape Training Center in Cambodia, which teaches girls over 16 years old skills and shows them how to be financially stable after being rescued from human trafficking. A reception will promptly follow the tournament. The reception will include prizes, gifts, raffles, and unforgettable food from Sacramento’s finest. If you or your company are interested in sponsoring these charities with Admail West, please contact us today. Donations are appreciated. Those who would like to participate as a player in the tournament are also welcome.

Content Matters

So you decided to start your marketing campaign with asocial media presence. That’s great! You created a Facebook for your business. You already have 20 likes? That’s awesome! Maybe you also added a twitter account and a blog. So how do you keep attention on your profiles? With good content.

Content includes all the pictures, comments, blog posts, artwork, or music that you post online. The content quality is important. Nobody wants to read generic blog posts.And nobody will read boring blog posts that just list your companies name over and over in hopes of increasing said companies presence in search results. In fact, Google is aware of this tactic. Using it will result in your website being exiled to the frozen tundra that is the back pages of the search results.

So how do you fill the need for fresh content in a cost and time effective manner? The easy solution is pictures, as mentioned in the previous post.Pictures with brief captions can say more, more efficiently than a blog post that you probably didn't want to write in the first place. People respond well to pictures and they are easy.

But pictures aren't enough for most online profiles and websites. Sometimes written content is needed. If you need quality copy,blog articles, or emails written but you don’t have the time, hiring writers for your content is viable option. Admail West can help your business with any of these services and more. Find out more about us from our or contact us through any option.

What to Consider when Making a Marketing Strategy

Business has been good recently and now it’s time to use a little of that extra revenue to help business get even better. Spending on a marketing strategy is a wise move. If done properly a marketing strategy will grow your business, increase familiarity with your brand and can also build brand loyalty and trust with the customer.

A successful marketing strategy should be on multiple platforms or mediums, it should not be rushed and early efforts should not be overly ambitious. There should also be a clear plan or description of the marketing strategy.

By campaigning through numerous platforms a business can broaden the market and people they reach. If a company focuses all of their efforts on a direct mail campaign, there are a lot of people they will not reach. Similarly, if they solely push an email or social media marketing, another group will miss out. Diversifying marketing platforms will open up more opportunity.

It should be decided early on how much the company can afford to spend on marketing efforts and what the scale will be for measuring success. It would be unwise to overreach and anticipate an increase in sales to cover that spending. You get what you pay for and pouring money into massive marketing effort would, at the very least, increase brand recognition. However, a realistic set of goals, like expanding sales by a certain percentage or acquiring a set number of new clients is much safer and it is easier to measure results.

Patience is needed. Don’t lose hope in the strategy or call off future marketing efforts just because results aren’t materializing immediately. It will take time to see results. With that said, remember to also be flexible, if something isn’t working it is ok to adjust your strategy. If an email blast isn’t generating results, don’t dismiss the strategy. Response rates may change with just a simple change in content or format.

Admail West specializes in creating and implementing marketing strategies for all types of businesses. We can create a custom campaign for you business! Contact Admail West Now!

Getting Past Online Marketing Failures

Online marketing, even with trial and error, is an excellent way to gain newfound success. With older companies, the switch to online marketing requires strategy and time.  Frequently, a misstep can discourage companies from continuing online marketing. However, with expert help at setting realistic goals and a redefinition of progress, your company can succeed easier than you ever imagined. Online marketing is a great way to propel your company into the future and solidify the newer generation of consumers as your loyal clients.  What Admail West loves is that even an online marketing “failure” can be re-evaluated and turned into that thing that brings your next big success.

Online Marketing Failures Turned to Successes

Social Media Marketing

This occurs often in small businesses. An owner attempts a social mediamarketing which costs much more in time than the revenue it generates. While some business owners would quit here, we find this to be the best opportunity to step in. Failure is data, and data is a better understanding of your customers' behaviors. In marketing, there are no failures, there is only more information. Taking into consideration what does not work allows you to hone in on the science of what does. With the right understanding of your information, your social media will become a powerful tool. It doesn't matter than it hasn't worked in the past.

PPC Advertising Gone Stale

PPC ad campaigns that failed often turn business owners off of integrated marketing. However, behind every single PPC campaign is a wide variety of data that Google stores. That information allows experts to create a strategy for you that not only boosts PPC response, but also flows into all forms of your online marketing. You'll never see a lack of leads or low click rate as failure. See it as data for the best strategy for your next time around.

The Grass Is Greener

There is great opportunity in our failures. We just have to look clearly, looking back at them and investigating what went on will narrow down your strategy till it’s spot on. Our team at Admail West can help you analyze past online marketing and devise a plan for your next marketing campaign. In reality, knowledge is power. Every attempt is one step closer to success.

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