Website Analytics: Change The Way You Market

Website analytics are what great companies use to get a deeper look under the hood of their marketing efforts. However, not everyone is an expert in statistics and so getting analytics and understanding analytics can be two different things. Luckily, Admail West has a few tricks up their sleeves that can help beginning marketers improve their efforts without trying to become an expert overnight. In fact, some of the programs and tools we are going to recommend can completely revitalize your understanding of digital advertising with data management. Here is a list of helpful online tools to better view your website Analytics and their prospective pricing. (Keep in mind, with an Admail West Contract, you get access to nearly all of the below  and our expert analysis as a complimentary added service for being our client.)

Google Analytics

(Price: Free) This is the fundamental website analytics tool for every single marketer. You can install Google Analytics on everything from emails to your website and use the information to see whats working and what isn't. One of the most powerful aspects of Google Analytics is that it shows you were your website views are coming from and on what page they are leaving your website. It is a great tool for following your visitors around the internet and better understanding them.

Facebook Analytics

(Price: Free) Facebook provides quite a bit of detailed information about who your followers are. In fact, you can pull a detailed demographics report that breaks down your followers by interest, gender, and age group. Understanding these analytics allows companies to ensure their adspend is being put to the best use possible and their ads are being targeted towards people who are proven to respond.

Raven SEO Tools

(Price- $99/Month) This is a fan favorite around the Admail West Office. Raven generates powerful, interactive reports that tie together all aspects of your marketing. Their program includes connecting Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, any and all Social Media platforms data, MOZ, and so much more. They even include their own site crawlers that details what's broken in your SEO, coding and other segments of your site to act as a guide to better marketing. Raven is a catch all as far as tools and is very much worth the money when it comes to website analytics.

Majestic SEO

(Price: $49-$399/Month) Majestic SEO uses all search engines to better explain your SEO visibility for organic rankings. They tie together things like backlinks and what pages your site is on for each keyword to show you the ways you're doing well and the ways that need some extra TLC. Majestic is extremely important when it comes to local visibility and beating out local competition. Their website analytics offer up information about how you fare in your area and globally.

Admail West Website Analytics

(Price: Varies on Need) You can get a detailed Admail West analysis done for varying prices at varying levels. Our team pulls data from all of the above and many more to create reports that fully capture your online success. Then we pair the data with a full initial strategy for online leads. Consider it programed information with a hands on touch from a marketing expert. You can rank higher, get bigger, have more followers and data, and win in your industry with Admail West. Contact us today for an analysis demonstration and a list of our website analytics.