Understanding Social Media Analytics

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Social media analytics may be a company’s secret weapon to creating high conversion campaigns, but do you know how to decode the stats? With Admail West, our marketing team has taken the time to breakdown social media lingo so you can turn your Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and more into your highest lead generators. Learn how the following numbers can tell you what’s working for your social media and what isn’t. Because in the end, data driven marketing is how you get results.

  1. Impressions- This social media analytics tool tells you how many people saw one of your posts and could potentially engage with it. It’s a gauge of how widespread your current demographics are.
  2. Engagement- This is how many people saw your post and interacted with it in some way. This includes shares, likes, comments, and clicks to your website.
  3. Share- This social media tool is the term applied to when someone takes a post from your wall and places it on theirs. This greatly increases your visibility without spending more money.
  4. Like- This term applies to many social media platforms and it captures how many people, not only saw a post of yours but also connected in some way.
  5. Comment- It’s a simple term but we don’t assume. This means that someone wrote you something back.
  6. Click Through Rate- This is what percentage of the impressions actually clicked your link and visited your site. This starts to attribute a lot of value to your posts and in the end is the second most important number next to conversion rates.
  7. Conversion Rate- This means how many people that clicked your site link actually completed your desired action. This could be filling out a form, buying a product, or booking an appointment.
  8. Reach- See Above Impressions
  9. Cost- When you apply money towards your social media advertising, you apply a blanket amount per day or campaign. Cost breaks down exactly how much you spend on an engagement.
  10. Frequency- The number of times your ad was served to the same person overall.

For more useful social media analytics, ask us how you can get a complimentary social media analysis. Learn more about what works for you!