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Everyday Marketing: Email Marketing That Works

This week for everyday marketing, the theme is email marketing that works. When it comes to email marketing, we are all subscribed to a wide selection of our favorite companies’ email lists in hopes of receiving information about new products and specials. In fact, it’s quite likely that most days when you log into your email, your inbox is full of newsletters and campaigns. Some of which will entice you to click to a website and potentially even make a few purchases. The emails that invoke responses are email marketing campaigns done right.

Just today, this Bigstock email appeared in our inbox and we thought it was special enough to share. Bigstock is an excellent stock photo provider that understands the effects of visual aid in soliciting a response.

Visually Appealing

Upon opening the email, the first thing that strikes us is the bright nondescript image. The photo represents their company product and their creativity without creating a lot of visual competition within the email. What makes it so successful is that this is the main image with bright positive colors combined with an interesting photo. It’s unusual without being overbearing. When creating email marketing campaigns, one main graphic is a great way to keep it simple. Choose an image that works with your product or slogan while also being unique. Try to keep one campaign series on track with similar visual content without reusing images.


Another part of the success of this email is that it is so simple. The content is two main lines with large letters. It communicates that they have a large stock of visually appealing images that you don’t have to pay royalties on. You hear the benefits, diversity, and appeal of their product without being bogged down by a lot of words. Similarly, the color scheme is minimal but still cohesive. And finally, the call to action is straight forward and easy to find. Simplicity is key because you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your consumer. Bigstock is an excellent example of how simplicity causes us to spend more time on an email and even click through. Want to improve your email marketing click rate? Choose a simple and unique design.


The best part of this email is that it gives something away. A free stock photo may not be a huge deal but it’s a preview of their services and it creates a sense of trust between you and the company. Furthermore it gets people to your site. The longer you can engage a lead, the more time you have to convert them to a customer. The word free is used repeatedly throughout the image and even highlighted in different colors. If you want to make your email campaigns really effective, have some sort of persuasive offer.

Should Your Company Start Email Marketing?

At Admail West, we believe in email marketing as an excellent form of reaching the right customers and then staying in front of them. Our expert staff can provide you with an analysis of email campaigns that work. So should your company start email marketing? Definitely.  We create campaigns that work from start to finish and our team would be honored to help you put your email list to good use. Don’t have an email list? Ask about how Admail West can make you one.