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Is Your Social Media Hurting Your Brand?

Social Media is an amazing outlet for your company to develop a personal voice online. With millions of users and customized demographic targeting, many companies in many industries take advantage of the reach social media provides. However, social media is an art and when done incorrectly it could create a poor representation of your brand. Studies show that most customers do online research before making a purchase. If your social pages rank high and are not accurate representations of your company, you could be missing out on conversions. Things like unbranded posts or irrelevant content may be creating a misleading customer experience but luckily, with the right experience, each issue can be resolved fairly easily.

Branded Posts

Social media posts that do not represent your brand or at least have your logo pose a major threat to your pages. Part of the issue is that your content can be stolen or used by other companies on their social media. What makes posts powerful is that yours stand out and represent your company. Support your brand by creating professional and unique posts to your page. Include a wide variety of images, statuses, and shared links that all represent some part of your company and services. Furthermore, don’t repost anything without giving the proper credit. And finally, brand your page. Make sure your profile photo, header, and about your business segments reflect your website as closely as possible. Aim for professional and inviting.

Relevant Posts

Many companies enjoy sharing memes and other humor from the internet. Before you post, shy away from anything that isn’t consistent with the people in your client base. Avoid curse words and other crude humor (unless that’s your niche) and don’t repost anything that doesn’t look nice. Being active on social media is so much more than throwing some things on your timeline here and there. Be sure that your posts are relevant to your following AND your company. For example, if you’re in the restaurant business focus on food and drink or luxury items. Or if you’re in insurance post articles about local stories relating to insurance. Relevant posts show that you understand your audience and engage with current events.

Posting Consistently

A major part of social media posting is creating regular content. When client’s look at your page, they are able to tell that you’ve only posted a few times in the last six months and this shows a lack of attention to detail. If you have a small team, make sure someone posts once a month. Spreading out the responsibility lessens the hard work and makes it more varied in applicable content. If you have an adspend, hiring a marketing company like Admail West to create your social media posts is another efficient way to not only get a great branded social media page but also turn it into a lead generator for your company.

Adspend And Demographics

The last way your social media could hurt your brand is when there are not correct demographics applied to your advertisements. When you boost a post the money needs to be allocated to the right group of people in order to turn into ROI. This requires testing and an understanding of marketing tools. Advertising firms like Admail West offer social media marketing services that can help craft ads and target the right people. To better reach your demographics, ask Admail West for an analysis of your social media platforms. You just might be surprised with the results.

What to Consider when Making a Marketing Strategy

Business has been good recently and now it’s time to use a little of that extra revenue to help business get even better. Spending on a marketing strategy is a wise move. If done properly a marketing strategy will grow your business, increase familiarity with your brand and can also build brand loyalty and trust with the customer.

A successful marketing strategy should be on multiple platforms or mediums, it should not be rushed and early efforts should not be overly ambitious. There should also be a clear plan or description of the marketing strategy.

By campaigning through numerous platforms a business can broaden the market and people they reach. If a company focuses all of their efforts on a direct mail campaign, there are a lot of people they will not reach. Similarly, if they solely push an email or social media marketing, another group will miss out. Diversifying marketing platforms will open up more opportunity.

It should be decided early on how much the company can afford to spend on marketing efforts and what the scale will be for measuring success. It would be unwise to overreach and anticipate an increase in sales to cover that spending. You get what you pay for and pouring money into massive marketing effort would, at the very least, increase brand recognition. However, a realistic set of goals, like expanding sales by a certain percentage or acquiring a set number of new clients is much safer and it is easier to measure results.

Patience is needed. Don’t lose hope in the strategy or call off future marketing efforts just because results aren’t materializing immediately. It will take time to see results. With that said, remember to also be flexible, if something isn’t working it is ok to adjust your strategy. If an email blast isn’t generating results, don’t dismiss the strategy. Response rates may change with just a simple change in content or format.

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