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How To Perfect Your Target Audience On Social Media

The key to strong social media posts is getting the right target audience before spending a large sum on adspend. That is why testing your ads is one of the essential parts of the Admail West on boarding process for clients. So how do we do it? Getting the right target audience is a several step process. It requires a certain amount of dedication and time rather than the need for instant results. For all of you looking to get your marketing demographics down, let’s break down one of our proven methods.


The first thing you do before spending a single penny is get some design concepts. This is a great group activity. Take some time with your online marketing team to brainstorm 3 or 4 unique looks for an ad or Facebook post. Include a tagline or inspirational quote, these tend to be compelling. Similarly, use your logo to brand your post.

Pro Tip- Avoid stock photos if possible. Using a real company photo or holding a photo shoot is more appealing to any target audience.


Next define your goal and then shape content around your offer. Are you looking for leads or interaction? Write your content 3 or 4 different ways and then associate it with an appropriate graphic.

Pro Tip-  Think about who you are talking to or who you would like to be your clients and shape your content around that.


Start with a small budget for each sample ad. $20 per ad should be plenty. Then for each ad try a different age group, company keywords, and think of activities or interests that your prospects may also enjoy. Then watch what happens over a 2 day period.

Pro Tip- Spend plenty of time looking at your data before you define you target audience.

Overview of Defining Your Target Audience

Demographic marketing in the digital sphere is more advanced and honed in than ever. Marketing can be made simple on social media. Facebook is an extremely powerful tool to put you right in front of your potential consumers. With the right target audience, your company could experience its strongest ROI.