marketing analysis

Why You Need A Marketing Analysis

Most growing companies can expect to spend nearly 12% of their revenue on marketing per year. With such a high percentage of income being spent on promoting your public image, you might want to know exactly where that money goes and if it’s effective. Marketing in the digital age is quicker, more available, and more diverse than ever before but just because you have plenty of options, does not mean you should be using them all. In fact, most companies will find that 2-3 different marketing efforts are more than enough to bring in that much needed ROI. So how do you know what marketing works?

What Is A Marketing Analysis?

Because advertising companies likely have experts in each field on staff at all times, that means they can have insight into all faucets of your marketing.  A marketing analysis is when we are given temporary access to your social media, ad campaigns, email marketing, CRM and sales management, website, and analytics. Then we run statistics compared to your best months of income in relation to your ads, then we compare your statistics to the industry standards for your company. An analysis is when we take every part of your marketing into consideration and investigate exactly which campaign efforts are bringing in the cash.

What Do You Do With A Marketing Analysis?

Upon completion of an analysis, Admail West will do two things. First, we will sit down and go through page by page of your report. We discuss what worked, what didn’t, and answer any questions about what those numbers actually mean. You will likely be surprised about what brings in the money and what doesn’t. The next thing we do is use the information to create an all inclusive strategy. When we take into consideration what has worked for you, we can create a step by step game plan to market more effectively for better results.

The Best Benefit of A Marketing Analysis

Time and time again, we see that our clients are very happy with an analysis because they can streamline their marketing spending. Frequently our clients have outdated data, a lack of direction, and several campaigns that don’t integrate. All of those are things Admail can fix. Hiring an agency or throwing money at social media isn’t the trick to successful marketing, knowledge is. With a marketing analysis, you can expect more customer acquisition, more qualified leads, and growth. Dreaming of reaching new heights in your industry? It might just be time for a marketing analysis.