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What to Consider when Making a Marketing Strategy

Business has been good recently and now it’s time to use a little of that extra revenue to help business get even better. Spending on a marketing strategy is a wise move. If done properly a marketing strategy will grow your business, increase familiarity with your brand and can also build brand loyalty and trust with the customer.

A successful marketing strategy should be on multiple platforms or mediums, it should not be rushed and early efforts should not be overly ambitious. There should also be a clear plan or description of the marketing strategy.

By campaigning through numerous platforms a business can broaden the market and people they reach. If a company focuses all of their efforts on a direct mail campaign, there are a lot of people they will not reach. Similarly, if they solely push an email or social media marketing, another group will miss out. Diversifying marketing platforms will open up more opportunity.

It should be decided early on how much the company can afford to spend on marketing efforts and what the scale will be for measuring success. It would be unwise to overreach and anticipate an increase in sales to cover that spending. You get what you pay for and pouring money into massive marketing effort would, at the very least, increase brand recognition. However, a realistic set of goals, like expanding sales by a certain percentage or acquiring a set number of new clients is much safer and it is easier to measure results.

Patience is needed. Don’t lose hope in the strategy or call off future marketing efforts just because results aren’t materializing immediately. It will take time to see results. With that said, remember to also be flexible, if something isn’t working it is ok to adjust your strategy. If an email blast isn’t generating results, don’t dismiss the strategy. Response rates may change with just a simple change in content or format.

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