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Everyday Content Writing Tools

Good content is a powerful marketing tool. But you might be asking, what is content marketing? It’s a blend of blog posts, extremely useful informational articles, social media posts and more. Not only can good marketing content reel in potential clients and customers, it can also strengthen your brand’s identity. That’s why it’s important to invest time, research, and focus when developing content for your marketing strategy. At Admail West, content marketing is an integral part of our services. Take a look at some of the helpful content writing tools we like to use.

1. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

If you’re writing and producing multiple blog posts a week, chances are you’ll come across a creative block when brainstorming ideas. In these moments Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator comes in handy. Type in your keywords, submit, and let Hubspot do the thinking for you.

2. Bitly

If you’re including links in your social media posts or blogs, it’s not always the best idea to include a long URL. When creating a strong and powerful piece of content, you want your writing to read smoothly, concisely, and consistently. A long and unsightly URL will impede on your content’s readability. Bitly allows you to shorten and customize your links, as well as track how many viewers have clicked your specific link. Here’s an example of an Admail West URL, shortened with Bitly:

3. Google Trends

Want to know if your potential topic is popular? Hop on Google Trends to find out! This tool allows you to see if your topic is gaining or losing popularity, based on Google searches. You can also find in which location your topic is most popular, as well as other similar topics others are searching for. This is a great tool for doing research on a potential blog topic.

4. Google Docs

We love using Google Docs for essentially everything. The user-friendly nature of this app makes writing content and creating editorial calendars a breeze. It’s also great for collaborative efforts - you can share your marketing content documents with anyone online, access them easily from any location or device, and be sure that your changes will be saved automatically. If you need a great platform to write your content, Google Docs is your best best.

5. Adwords

Adwords is a great tool for driving leads and conversions for your business. But it’s also a great tool for finding SEO keywords for your content. Adwords provides you with statistics on how many people around the world have searched for a certain keyword, in any given period of time. With Adwords, you can most certainly learn about an audience’s interests, search patterns and more. If you’re looking for a reliable way to find the most relevant SEO keywords for your content, Adwords is key.

Content writing doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavor. If you want to take full advantage of what a marketing content strategy can offer your business, contact Admail West Sacramento today.