How to Survive A Company Branding

It’s true you’re two months into your company branding and it’s a bit like wading through a swamp of colors, fonts, and the decision to go modern or classic. With a large team and a particular taste, you’re cc’ed on a daily back and forth of constant emails tweaking the smallest aspects of a logo you still don’t quite love. The question is, how do you get from the present chaos to a clean brand that you and your colleagues can’t help but love? Surviving a rebrand is simple, as long as you have the right guidance.

Know Your Rebranding Challenges

Before entering a re-brand, understand that whether your team is 5 or 50, you must find a way to come to a consensus. Knowing your challenges before starting the process, or work with a professional brand company to make the process easier and more cost effective. Here are a few of the most common challenges and solutions with business branding:

  • Large groups of decision makers. Cap the major decision making group at 3-4 people. Let this inner circle get the fundamentals of your brand deck down and then open up for group discussion once a direction is decided. This allows you to get through the initial growing pains without stepping on toes.
  • You want your brand, and you want it now. It makes sense that you’d like your brand ASAP as not having one pauses web development, collateral, email signatures, and so much more. However, a rushed brand will look like just that, rushed. Allow a 3 month window with your design firm. The time it takes to get it right will save you hours of work in the future.
  • This is the hardest part for many of our clients and many people looking for company branding. You have past logos, old business cards, social media profile pictures, etc. When the brand deck is done, your rebranding will only be effective if you apply the finished product to absolutely everything.

When the Business Branding Seems At A Standstill Think Of The ROI.

Having a hard time justifying the money for a brand? While it may be subtle, the return on interest for a new brand deck is exponential over the years. When people love your brand, they want to flaunt your product which in turn brings new clients looking to flaunt your product and the cycle continues. What sets a store apart from a full blown organization is memorability. Your brand creates just that.

Follow These Steps When The Going Gets Tough:

  1. Hire a professional brand designer for your company. A designer and a brand ambassador will help you capture your company’s voice.
  2. Brainstorm and Collaborate. You may be the owner but keep in mind some of your most trusted employees know your company really well and may have insight you don’t. After all, isn’t that why you hired them?
  3. Consider Options. Look at several variations. Rather than simply going with the first round, take some time to look at options. Even if you go with the first one, you’ll have a better understanding of what that works for you.
  4. Expand Your Brand Deck. Once the basics are down, create your brand guidelines. This typically includes logos, icons, colors, fonts, and wording. Similarly, get new cards, bags, signs, etc.

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