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The Benefits of Hiring A Marketing Agency

Between the instant expertise and a full on staff support team, so many companies choose a marketing agency to fulfill or supplement their individual marketing needs. In our line of work, we frequently find that companies have an in house staff for marketing, or at least a staff of one marketer. Some of you may be wondering why an agency would be necessary if you already have an in house staff. While we never discourage your in-house employment, there are so many reasons why a marketing agency is a great advertising solution for any company. In fact, even with a permanent employee, your company could be missing out on the depths of marketing.

Reason #1: Marketing Agencies Give You Multiple Experts

Rather than a single person with one specialty, you could get an entire team. Some of you may think that sounds expensive. The reality is, most companies don’t need one person focusing all their energy on one facet of advertising. Most companies need five experts spending a portion of time on each kind of marketing. With an agency you get a reporting expert, a content writer, a graphic designer, and a social media expert all at the same time. Rather than all your eggs in one basket, you’re getting appropriate attention on a variety of marketing mediums.

Reason #2: You will Save Money In The Long Run

An agency will always bring in better results than just one single person supporting a whole company’s advertising needs. You can expect a guaranteed increase in your ROI and lead generation. To hire all the types of employees an agency has for your company could double the amount you’re spending on labor. If you pay a full team full time, you could instead pay an agency that much less and get a wide breadth of marketing expertise.

Reason #3: Supplements Your Current Efforts

Let’s look at marketing in terms of physical exercise. When you exercise, there are a dozen factors that go into your results. While you may be doing a lot of cardio to improve your cardiovascular system, you’re not building muscle mass. With a marketing agency, you can have your in house team running the cardio and the agency focusing on muscle growth. It’s all about balance and an agency helps you achieve it quickly without forcing your permanent employees to take on too much at once.

Reason #4: Expand Your Horizons

From launching a new product to a re-brand, a marketing agency is guaranteed to have ideas you may have never considered. An agency allows your company to reach new heights that are harder to reach without a little outside support. Agencies focus on hiring the talent, you focus on utilizing it. Just think of the possibilities.

The Bottom Line: Hire an Agency

While budgeting for the coming fiscal year, include an agency in your plan. The bottom line is that an agency gives your company new opportunities. Between a full team of consultants and marketers and the never ending flow of good ideas, an agency makes sense and so does the investment.