6 Steps to Make The Best Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one of our favorite secret weapons for increasing leads and exposure for any company. Many of our clients have a Facebook on which they post the occasional status or picture. Similarly, many companies are also utilizing Google PPC. The beauty of Facebook Ads is that they combine the interpersonal aspect of social media with the targeting of Google Analytics.  So the question stands: how do you make a Facebook Ad that produces results? Here are the six simple steps any company can follow to produce likes and better yet, leads.

How to Make Facebook Ads


  • Produce a graphically appealing image with a clear call to action. A compelling and attention grabbing post includes clean graphics, short simple text, and inspires an action. People want what they don’t have. With our example of social media marketing, you have to explain to prospects in a visually appealing way that your product is valuable. See below picture as an example: 
  • Include a track-able link to a contact form or sales page. This step varies on whether you sell a product online or if you are trying to get leads on the phone. If you are selling a product online, link to a specific product page that is highlighted in the post. Never link to your homepage. If you want information for a call, link to a landing page with a clear call to action and easy to use form. Then, use a tracking source like Bit.ly to keep track of how many people actually click your link. You will want this to cross reference your various campaigns to see which is doing best. Facebook ads manager does offer this tracking but we like to encourage as much tracking as possible.
  • Get your demographics right. When you go to boost a post, you need to think long and hard about whom is your target audience. Facebook ads manager offers intensive targeting so you can really hone in on the right group. If you have a few different demographics, run several ads in the same campaign for different demographics. Or try switching the demographics daily and over the course of the week see which gets the best result. Don’t forget to at least specify an age range and at least one interest.
  • Post your new picture and write a short concise status next to it. For example, if you posted a social media piece like the one above, we would write something like: “1 on 3 people use social media. Find out how your company can turn that statistic into leads. For more information visit this link (this is where you insert a trackable link).
  • Check in on your post regularly. Whether it’s several times a day or once a week, you need to nurture a boosted post throughout the ad life. Facebook ads are great because you can edit them continuously and really get all the details right.

Get Started With Facebook Ads Now!

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Defining Target Audience

When it comes to selling, defining your target audience is essential to success. Most products fall into a niche market and are only appealing to select people. At Admail West, we spend so much time looking at data to better understand what makes your target audience so special. Then, we market to those qualities. This strategy provides excellent results, every time.

Let’s say you are in the solar panel industry. Your company installs and services solar panels on residential properties. This example is easy enough to figure out the target. The target audience is homeowners. However, targeting more affluent homeowners with larger electricity bills is an even better target market. The question is then what is the process for defining your target audience?

Consider the following:

1)       Creating a profile for different types of potential customers

2)      Determining where the audience is. (This pertains to where they are geographically but more so where they are ‘media wise’.)

3)     Researching past success of other competitor companies

4)     Looking at the profiles of people who have purchased product from you in the past

5)     Establishing behaviors of purchasing clients through campaign analytics

Start with the small stuff, like location. For example, it’s dark in Norway for half the year, so we aren't going to market solar panels to them. Sorry Norway. If you are thinking Geographically, maybe focus on sunny areas like San Diego. See it's not so hard defining target audience for your company?

It’s fair to assume that there is at least one computer in any of the target households and it is possible, if not probable, that at least one head of the household is using social media. Unless you are targeting a much older demographic, you target audience is primarily online.

Choose a Way to Reach Your Target Audience

PPC or Pay per Click advertising, are the ads presented at the top and sides of your Google search results. They are triggered by certain search terms. Homeowners searching something like ‘saving energy’ or ‘green technology’ may see PPC ads for solar companies or energy saving appliances. This is an effective means of targeting and advertising to a specific group of people.

Most people have some means of social media to stay connected. Once you have a target audience, try and reach them through ad campaigns. Facebook is great way to target certain demographics and they have their own advertising similar to PPC. An ad you place with Facebook would be presented to certain homeowners based on their age, profile content and search history. After that it is hopefully being clicked on by homeowners who are interested in your product or services.

Anything else we can assume about homeowners? They have mail boxes. Purchasing a mailing list of a specific demographic, and sending out direct mail is a great way to market your business.

Admail West creates custom marketing strategies and is an awesome direct mail service. We have created successful marketing campaigns for all types of businesses. If you’re looking to increase marketing efforts for your business, contact our team at Admail West and find out how we can help you find and reach your target audience.