Landing Page Design

Landing Page Best Practices

Following landing page best practices makes the difference between a high conversion rate and no incoming leads at all. In fact, depending on your industry, landing pages have been proven to bring in more leads than just a standard webpage. What makes landing pages so successful is that the psychology behind them communicates a need for immediate action which in most cases is filling out a contact form. How can you maximize landing pages to multiply your conversions? The following best practices can help you create a lead generation machine efficiently.

Minimal Navigation

Best practice number one for landing pages is to demolish links and menu bars. Unlike your website which encourages people to learn more about your company and interact, a landing page is all about converting a visitor to a lead. The biggest benefit of a landing page is that it is transactional. It tells a visitor if you do X you get Y. If the only navigation out of the landing page is by filling out a form, then your odds of getting a completed form improve vastly. Exceptions to this rule are links to your social media and potentially a small link through your logo to the main site. Otherwise, ditch the menu bar.


Landing page best practices number 2 is to use visual content to convey your message. Studies show that people do not read online they way they do on printed material. Reading is not a smooth motion from left to right but instead they first scan a page for clues about the content before deciding to read it. By using pictures with large print captions or CTA’s included, you greatly improve your chance of having readers absorb the message or deal you are conveying and then act on it.


If you are looking for a lead for industries like travel, solar, insurance, finance or more, (basically anything that isn’t E-commerce), you need to give something to get something. The best way to do this is provide a coupon for your product only available to people who fill out a form. Other options for a freebie are E-books, free consults, discounts, or priority ahead of clients gained through other ways. If it’s worth their while, anyone will be willing to hand over their information. By coming up with an important or generous offer, you are twice as likely to have an above-average conversion rate. (Remember most industry conversion rates fall between 3-11%. Those with freebies are looking more at a 16-22% conversion rate.)


The best landing page practice has been saved for last. Traffic is the most important part of turning your landing page into a lead generator for your company. How do you get traffic to a landing page? PPC advertising is one of the biggest landing page supports for marketing. However, alternatives include well-constructed social media ads, email campaigns, and print ads. Try testing out a specific medium or use them all to get the best lead conversion results.

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