Social Media Marketing At Its Finest (#Shareacoke)

Coca-Cola recently released yet another viral social media marketing campaign that not only inspires you to buy their product, it makes you love it just a little bit more. The latest and greatest “Share a Coke” (aka #shareacoke) campaign has marketers everywhere wishing they’d thought of it first, and in this blog I’ll tell you why. For all you companies interested in a global market and growth like that of Coca-Cola, I suggest you pull out a pen and paper because everyone is taking notes.

That Personal Touch in Social Media Markets

Social media marketing can be done in so many ways, but at it’s finest social media marketing is personal. In a world where you can know the status of any relationship at any given time, as well as, their current location, products need to seem as if they naturally fit within your consumer's environment. In fact, drinking Coca-Cola needs to seem like one of the many ways to get the most likes, revines, re-tweets, and follows in order to make the #shareacoke campaign a success.

Coke, rather than launching a new product, remarketed the same product flawlessly. When your personal name is your personal brand online, it seems only fitting that even your soda can be personalized. Why drink anything else? In fact, the element of personalization has turned an everyday grocery store product into a gift (See below proposal). Similarly, #shareacoke truly fits so perfectly in a Facebook age where sharing is all the rage. (Speaking of which, share this blog!)

The element of personalization is so fantastic that a man even purposed to his girlfriend with it. The campaign is so successful, the advertising does itself. View the picture of the proposal and Coke’s fantastic social media marketing response below:

Social Media Marketing as A Commercial Replacement

The singularly most brilliant part of this campaign is the way that the product of personalized soda bottles was introduced to the public. As a social media marketing guru, I was simply doing a routine Vine and Instagram check when I ran into all my favorite viners, professional bloggers, and instagramers posting their personalized bottle.

The Untapped Social Media Marketing Mediums

Bloggers and Instagramers Coca-Cola capitalized on the individual bloggers who have thousands of faithful followers. By sending personalized drinks to those people with an organic crowd, they seamlessly proved that they belong in any scene at any time. One such example is well-known Fashion Blogger, Keiko Lynn, who flashed her personalized coke in her swanky New York life. Essentially, Coca-Cola normalized their product to every scenario because, hey, who isn't their target market? View her beautiful picture which instantly gleaned over 5,000 likes. 

Viners and Youtubers

As if flashy images, which, might I mention, required no creative energy on the part of Coke, were not enough. They also turned to the online video sphere to create fantastic commercial for coke without ever requiring Coca-Cola to storyboard or film a single time. The use of this personalized product becomes relatable and humorous.

A popular viner, Robby Ayala was sponsored to create a #shareacoke video which can be viewed below. With nearly 40,000 likes and 10,000 revines, Coke expanded its reach without an overly outrageous adspend. The campaign gives hope to those smaller companies looking to turn to social media marketing as a cost-effective way to stay right in front of their consumers.

For a good laugh watch Robby sell you coke without any sales pitch right here:

All in all, Admail West gives #shareacoke an A++ on the social media marketing front. For viral marketing campaigns, contact us now to hear about all the amazing things our social media marketers can do!