Social Media Marketing: Then and Now

In the beginning, Social Media Marketing was only relevant for businesses targeting the under 25 demographic. The days of Myspace and early Twitter offered limited advertising opportunities for companies outside the entertainment and adolescent sales industries. But as time progressed, and social media rapidly changed, advertising online has quickly become a global sales environment where any company could find their target market and deploy ads in just a few clicks of a button. Advertising on social media has become so quintessential to the 21st century that most companies wouldn’t dream of going without it.

Facebook Advertising: Then and Now

Originally Facebook only allowed those with a college email address to join their platform. It was intended to connect young Americans to like-minded people and their current peer group. As it began to explode, Facebook opened their doors and before they knew what happened, people from every country and every age group joined the ranks of the online community. With this transition and the development of business accounts on Facebook, any company was able to clearly define just who saw their ads and when with millions of individuals at their disposal. Now, Facebook offers some of the most advanced demographic and audience targeting available to those interested in advertising on social media. This powerful tool, allows your organization and your products to be the first and last thing potential consumers see every single day.

Let’s Get Mobile

Alongside the boom of .com’s like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and so much more was the development of the smartphone and the app store. Now, advertising isn’t confined to the hours people spend on their computer but instead is available on their mobile devices which never disconnect from the internet. According to the Daily Mail, an average adult checks their phone of 1,500 times per week. This opens up the door for continuous contact with your brand and products. The spread of product awareness, word of mouth, and advertising opportunity means that companies who use social media actively have an average of a 237% increase in website traffic and client interaction. (Read more at Hubspot). Social media marketing tools are now among the most powerful asset for any budding company.

Viral Movements

On top of increased exposure, word of mouth in the form of viral campaigns is nothing short of explosive. While this means the bad reviews spread more quickly, the flipside significantly outweighs the risks. A viral campaign can have amazing effects consider the #x for awareness about not texting and driving or even more powerful the “Ice Bucket Challenge’” that raised over $100 Million for ALS research. Whether you’re a non-profit or a corporation, these social media marketing tools are unbelievable powerful.

How To Get Started With Social Media Marketing

The first push is always the hardest, but generally speaking with 2-5 months of dedication, your social media campaigns could easily become the highest ROI generator. To get started, first claim and brand all your accounts. The next step is reaching your current client base via email, promotions, and your website to “like” or “follow” your account. Once the account is established, it’s time to test where and which platform yields the best results for your company. The best way to do this? Hiring an advertising firm like Admail West, that uses data-driven marketing to bring your organization to new digital heights. With intensive strategy planning, you can start to see growth quickly!

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