Sales Funnel For Success

How is your sales funnel doing? Many companies could benefit from a clearly defined sales funnel that makes landing a client much easier from initial contact to signing the contract. At Admail West, one of our biggest services is creating a lead generation process that clearly defines roles and needs for each of our clients. From creating an entry point where leads are captured to flowing it into your CRM, let’s break down ways a more defined process can truly benefit your company.

Step 1- Lead Capture

There are a wide variety of ways to capture a lead for your organization. The first step is to define whether you’re looking for an online sale or simply a filled out form as the initial point of contact. The multitude of ways that Admail West can capture this information is in the following:

  • PPC Advertising
  • Social Media Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO and Organic Rankings
  • Website Development

All of these provide opportunities for prospects to fill out a form or buy a product, whichever is your desired action. We use our strategic marketing efforts to capture and deliver exceptional results.

Step 2- Your CRM

An amazing benefit of hiring a company like Admail West is that we can navigate your leads into a CRM like salesforce or raiser’s edge. Any customer relations management tool is an option. What we do is help it flow into your existing system so that your sales reps can easily contact leads with as much information as we can gather. This makes for better communication between marketing and sales while also increasing the conversion rate through your sales funnel.

Step 3- Closing The Deal

The biggest way that Admail West helps your organization close the deal is by promoting your product in a way that is true to form. We offer you a wide variety of tools from consistent branding to follow up emails during the sales process to keep you and your product in the forefront of your client’s minds and computers.

Bonus Step- Re-marketing

The most brilliant part about online marketing and sales funnels is that once someone has converted into a lead, it doesn’t mean we have exhausted them as a client. Instead, we take your existing client base and remarket through social media and emails to give them a better taste of your other offers. Our customizable programs help you re-market for years to come making 1 time customers, life-long customers.