Positioning Yourself in A Competitive Market

Finding your place in a competitive market is what sets apart each and every company. An organization’s ability to demonstrate what they bring to the table and offer sought-after services is essential to commercial success. But what makes one company superior to another or at least more competitive? Advertising and marketing firms like Admail West help you position your company and leverage your brand for higher levels of success. We exist to make your company, and it’s assets, known by the right consumers looking to buy. Here are a few ways to better understand what it means to position yourself in the same markets as your competitors and succeed.

Brand Development

Looks are everything in the marketing world and with the digital platform easily displaying what your organization has to offer, your brand makes your sales.  Branding a company is so much more than a clean logo and a slogan, it’s a way of talking about yourself to your prospects. Voice and style consistency can propel you to the leading role in your industry. The following checklist is a great way to tell how close you are to reliable brand development.

  • Consistent Logo
  • Consistent Tagline(s)
  • Standard Color and Font Deck
  • Stylized Social Media Posts, Collateral, and Emails
  • Stylized and Functioning Website
  • Unified Voice In Content and Sales Reps
  • Speedy Sales System and Support For Clients

Audience Targeting

Once your branding is complete and unified, you need to define your target audience. Staying ahead in a competitive market means only spending money on advertising that keeps you in front of likely prospects. One way to use audience targeting for lean marketing practices is to make sure you never run a campaign you can’t learn from. Every campaign and analysis should tell you more about the type of people your buyers are. A great place to start is to hire a company to do a thorough analysis of your existing client base. It is important to look at your long time clients are understand who they are. Also, when it comes to growth, test out several new markets with polished campaigns. Companies that excel in their competitive industry are the ones that are flexible and well informed. Click here to request a demographics analysis from our strategists.

Online Advertising

With your audience and brand out of the way, the way you use the internet is what defines if you thrive or simply survive in a competitive market. Positioning your organization as an industry leaders means taking advantage of the social media age and iphone era. Mobile marketing via email and social media provides every company with an equal opportunity to reach the global marketplace. Facebook, Yelp, Google, and more are the major players in building up a competitive company. If you’re not using online advertising, it’s time to start. For information on how to get an online following and claim your place in a competitive market, fill out the form to the right. Our strategists can help.