Why You Need Google Analytics

At an advertising firm, we are frequently asked for in depth analysis of who visits what page of a site and for how long. When it comes to improving your ad efforts, the only real tool that can shape a fantastic strategy is strong analytics. Google Analytics, one of the many Google Webmaster tools, is the best reporting source and surprisingly, it’s free. That means there is no reason to skip on Google Analytics if you have a website.

How to Install Google Analytics

Installing Google Analytics depends upon your content management system. If your site is held on Wordpress, then there are two places to check. First, look in your theme. There should be a tracking code section. Or if it does not have a section, download a Google powered plug-in. After about 2 hours you will then be able to login to Google Analytics and see all sorts of information about you website.

The Benefits of Google Analytics

Using GA provides you and your marketers with power insights into the patterns of consumers and their interaction with your site. The benefits are tri-fold in the ways they improve your productivity. First of all, you can understand you traffic and patterns. This allows you to tailor your website experience to the users to maximize lead count. Next, Google Analytics allows you to understand which keywords really work for your site. This means better rankings, improved content strategy, and more pointed coding. Finally, it shows you how long people stay on each page and where they usually leave. It’s a microscopic look into your website that gives you the ability to make educated and calculated changes to marketing strategy.

What Admail West Does with Google Analytics?

Well, as we have a wide variety of marketing specialists at our disposal, we create reports and strategies for clients with the utmost care and precision. Our analysts are able to understand your Google Analytics and manipulate your site based off daily results. We use Google analytics because data processing is an important part of our daily work.  If you are interested in detailed reporting or a free preliminary online presence analysis, contact us today!