Email Marketing Metrics You Need To Know

Email marketing metrics tell marketers a lot about their audience and the effectiveness of their current campaigns. This guide will break down some of the tricky metrics that email software collects for your marketing campaigns and tell you how to respond to high and low numbers. Get improved email metrics today with our cheat sheet.

  1. Open Rate: This metric measures what percent of people opened your email compared to how many received it. The higher this number is the better your campaign did which generally indicated that not only did it pass spam tests, it had an enticing subject line.
  2. Bounce Rate: This is how many email contacts in your list rejected the email from their server. The goal is to make this number as low as possible. Bounce rate can be caused by poor design and subject lines that caused a server like Google or Outlook to reject the email. It can also be caused by out of date email address in your data. To improve, work on less salesy emails and clean your lists.
  3. Click Rate: The click rate is the percent of people who click on a button or link once you opened the email. The click rate is something you want to be as high as possible. If you get alot of clicks, then your calls to action were motivating and spot on. If not, it may be time for a new strategy. Also, be sure to look into which buttons received the most clicks to better ensure that your rate is higher in your next email campaign.
  4. Spam: This is how many people reported your email as spam. This is arguably one of the most important metrics in your campaign. Most email marketing software keeps tabs on how frequently you’re marked as spam. If the number is too high (regularly above 1%) your account could be suspended unless you can prove you are not sending spam. This is a good motivator to keep really clean data.
  5. Conversion Rate: This number may not always be tracked in your email software but instead on your lead capture platform. Whether it’s a landing page or ecommerce website, your conversion rate keeps track of how many people actually take action from your email. This could be signing up for more information, purchasing something off your list, or making a donation.

For more information about important email marketing metrics, contact the experts at Admail West. We specialize in lead generation and automated programs via email for a wide  variety of clients and industries.