Driving Leads Through Mobile Marketing

As you might know, a digital strategy is a crucial component in bringing your business success. If you want to keep your business in the forefront of your competition, you’ll have to add new angles and approaches to your digital advertising strategy. At Admail West, we’ve seen technology paving the way for an emerging marketing outlet: mobile devices. In today’s rapidly evolving use of mobile phones, theres no better way to up your marketing strategy to include mobile marketing.  Read on to learn how and why you should be driving leads through mobile advertising.

Why Mobile Marketing?

It’s not a surprise that most people nowadays rely on their mobile phones for everything from directions to restaurant reviews to Google searches, and more. Mobile use is expected to outgrow desktop use in the coming years. A continued growth in mobile browsing presents untapped marketing opportunities for local and online businesses.

Not only does mobile advertising reach a higher audience, it drives phone leads. Though they are sometimes overlooked in the world of online marketing, phone calls are always high quality lead source. By finding your product or service through Google searches or mobile ads, leads show their interest in your brand, product, or service through a phone call, which can lead to an in-house visit or sales conversion.

Shortening the Gap Between Customer & Conversion

Mobile use presents a shorter sales path between a customer and a business: potential customers or clients are more likely to call a phone number listed on their phone, since making a phone call is more easily accessible as opposed to a desktop.

There are multiple ways to take advantage of mobile advertising. For local businesses, potential customers turn to Yelp, Facebook, and business websites on their phones to find reviews or call in-store with questions. By having your business optimized and listed online, interested leads can easily call into your shop or find directions. Google’s Adwords platform also gives every business a chance to place mobile ads. Google’s mobile PPC ads are highly effective for lead generation. Because mobile ads give the user an option to call your business with a click of a button, users are again more likely to call in.

How Can I Add Mobile to My Strategy?

You may have a digital advertising strategy in place, but it’s not as optimal without mobile advertising as a part of it. You’ll need PPC, social media, content, and graphic design experts on hand to give you the most of your mobile marketing efforts. If you’re looking to optimize your business growth through mobile marketing, call Admail West and get started today!