Direct Mail Trends of 2015

Direct Mail marketing puts your brand right in the hands of your clients, it allows your product to become something tangible and encourages prospects to become buyers. As 2015 starts, Admail West wants you to be aware of the amazing ways that we create one-of-a-kind direct mail pieces. Allow us to express what makes your company both different and compelling in direct mail campaigns that wow your client lists. The following are unique direct mail trends that we are proud to offer.

Variable Print

An effective way to use direct mail is to create something custom for each of your prospects. Variable Print takes one aspect of your direct mail piece and customizes it for each individual person on your list. Imagine receiving a T-shirt catalogue with your name spelled out on the model’s shirt on the cover. It’s compelling and thoroughly encourages a relationship between customer and company. At Admail West, we utilize these tools to create custom print jobs for you.

Die Cutting

Think outside the rectangle. Our extensive die cut patterns and customizable die cuts, allow you to create unique folds, shapes, and packages. Taking the time to make a one of a kind piece with cut means that you’re much less likely to have your direct mail piece jumbled up with all the other mail. 2015’s trends include making your mail piece an experience for your prospect. Try creating unique die cuts that hold your package together in a neat and professional manner.

Data Driven Mail

Direct Mail campaigns without analytics are a thing of the past. With data processing software, mail houses can better categorize their list demographics to create pieces that appeal to each unique set of people. Similarly, by including tracking codes and personalized URL’s we can provide you with insight on how successful each campaign has been. Understand that Direct Mail is a highly sophisticated marketing outlet. It’s our goal to provide you with successful strategies with high conversions.

Mailing your campaigns allows your brand to make direct contact with your prospects. We believe in using creative and well-thought out tactics to turn each mailed piece into ROI. From getting custom in your print to creating unique shapes, don’t forget Direct Mail as an awesome use of your marketing efforts in 2015.

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