Direct Mail Still Get's Results: Here's Why

While it’s true that online and digital marketing is extremely important in today’s advertising climate, direct mail is still a vital aspect of most industries and it can get you results. Nothing beats the moment when your prospects open their mailbox and hold your postcard, appeal, or offer in their hands. In that moment, your company becomes a tangible part of their day and increases their chances of becoming a customer. Marketing with Direct Mail makes it easier than ever for you to increase brand recognition, reach new markets, and integrate all your marketing campaigns.

Marketing With Direct Mail

The process of using direct mail with Admail West is extremely easy. We begin by defining your campaign goals which vary from vertical to vertical. Do you want someone to redeem a coupon online or in stores? Are you trying to get new clients or stay in from of existing ones? With direct mail we can tailor everything from design to lists to better reach your demographics and goals. Direct Mail is a traditional form of marketing and we bring extensive data and new marketing methods to the table for a unique experience.

Direct Mail Solutions

Direct mail is more than just a form letter sent to your clients. It can be postcards, appeal letters, welcome packets, insurance cards and so much more. Our direct mail marketing solutions come in any shape, size, or quanitity you might need. Custom design and data driven strategy is our specialty and we guarantee to deliver results. Direct mail has been a reliable form of marketing for over a century and with us, we can help you maximize each campaign for unbeatable ROI.

Integrated Marketing

What makes marketing with direct mail so efficient is that we have the capability of combining it with all your advertising platforms to create one unified campaign that is stronger and more reliable than anything you’ve done before. Our direct mail pieces can be integrated with unique landing pages, variable print, email marketing, social media, the list goes on. Our goal is to help your organization create a memorable brand and style. Contact us today to hear about how we can combine digital marketing with direct mail to get you results.