AMW Charity Golf Tournament: JDRF and 3 Strands

JDRF and 3 Strands: Why We Love Them

With the inaugural Admail West Charity Golf Tournament right around the corner, we want to explain why we are so proud to support JDRF and 3 Strands in their philanthropic ventures, right in our backyards. Here in Sacramento, these two non-profits have created a community that unites us all and we want to tell you just a bit about why we love them so much.

3 Strands

The 3Strands vision is a world free from sex trafficking. Through sustainable jobs, education, and victim restoration we can bring freedom, love and empowerment to lives around the world. 3Strands is a global community coming together to say sex trafficking is NOT OK. Our mission is to mobilize a worldwide community of individuals and organizations to positively change lives by investing in sustainable initiatives that fight sex trafficking.


The Northern California chapter of this international organization works to provide support to those diagnosed with Type One Diabetes, as well as, fundraising for the cure. Their goal is to progressively remove the impact of T1D from the lives of those diagnosed. From scientific research to local support, JDRF is leading the way in ending Type One Diabetes. At the inaugural AMW Charity Golf Tournament, there will be a wide selection of ways to contrubute to this worthy cause.

Your support in the Admail West First Annual Golf Tournament will directly benefit both of these charitable organizations. If you have yet to sign up or contribute, registration is open and can be found online.

Come together with Admail West, as we support the work of both JDRF and 3 Strands.