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What's In Store For Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising is sweeping through every type of marketing campaign and now is the time to get on board with your company. From email marketing to social media, mobile advertising is a powerful tool in capturing your leads on-the-go. So how do you keep up with mobile marketing? Below is a cheat sheet for what's new in 2015 for mobile advertising. Catch up today!

Social Media and Mobile Advertising

Facebook is the social media king and when you're wondering what is the best way to reach your market with the Facebook app, it's never been easier. Facebook advertising has their own section of their site dedicated to teaching you dimensions, best practices, and mobile optimization for every ad. In fact, when you boost a post you can now be confident that every single ad looks great on mobile. See below image for an example of how to use the Facebook Advertising tools to create mobile ads that look great!

Responsive Landing Pages And Mobile Marketing

This year, many landing page companies are releasing a much more customized version of responsive marketing. This means that rather than your site scaling down for your visitors on a mobile device, you can completely rearrange the page to make the mobile version better suited for a phone. A huge part of mobile advertising is creating an online environment that is easy and straightforward to use for clients no matter what device they are on. Mobile advertising is more than looking for gimmicks or sending an SMS campaign, a large part of it is simply creating great graphic design. Below is an example of a recent Admail West mobile landing page. Note the simplicity and straightforward call to action.

Email Marketing On Mobile Devices

The thing we are the most excited about for 2015's mobile advertising is responsive emails and automated programs. What's so awesome about email softwares we work with are their heightened ability to create really custom graphics. You can do so much more than simply scale down your images. Some softwares now let you swap out different images for mobile compared to desktop and if that's not a huge step forward in mobile advertising, I don't know what is!

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The Benefits of Hiring A Marketing Agency

Between the instant expertise and a full on staff support team, so many companies choose a marketing agency to fulfill or supplement their individual marketing needs. In our line of work, we frequently find that companies have an in house staff for marketing, or at least a staff of one marketer. Some of you may be wondering why an agency would be necessary if you already have an in house staff. While we never discourage your in-house employment, there are so many reasons why a marketing agency is a great advertising solution for any company. In fact, even with a permanent employee, your company could be missing out on the depths of marketing.

Reason #1: Marketing Agencies Give You Multiple Experts

Rather than a single person with one specialty, you could get an entire team. Some of you may think that sounds expensive. The reality is, most companies don’t need one person focusing all their energy on one facet of advertising. Most companies need five experts spending a portion of time on each kind of marketing. With an agency you get a reporting expert, a content writer, a graphic designer, and a social media expert all at the same time. Rather than all your eggs in one basket, you’re getting appropriate attention on a variety of marketing mediums.

Reason #2: You will Save Money In The Long Run

An agency will always bring in better results than just one single person supporting a whole company’s advertising needs. You can expect a guaranteed increase in your ROI and lead generation. To hire all the types of employees an agency has for your company could double the amount you’re spending on labor. If you pay a full team full time, you could instead pay an agency that much less and get a wide breadth of marketing expertise.

Reason #3: Supplements Your Current Efforts

Let’s look at marketing in terms of physical exercise. When you exercise, there are a dozen factors that go into your results. While you may be doing a lot of cardio to improve your cardiovascular system, you’re not building muscle mass. With a marketing agency, you can have your in house team running the cardio and the agency focusing on muscle growth. It’s all about balance and an agency helps you achieve it quickly without forcing your permanent employees to take on too much at once.

Reason #4: Expand Your Horizons

From launching a new product to a re-brand, a marketing agency is guaranteed to have ideas you may have never considered. An agency allows your company to reach new heights that are harder to reach without a little outside support. Agencies focus on hiring the talent, you focus on utilizing it. Just think of the possibilities.

The Bottom Line: Hire an Agency

While budgeting for the coming fiscal year, include an agency in your plan. The bottom line is that an agency gives your company new opportunities. Between a full team of consultants and marketers and the never ending flow of good ideas, an agency makes sense and so does the investment.

Getting Past Online Marketing Failures

Online marketing, even with trial and error, is an excellent way to gain newfound success. With older companies, the switch to online marketing requires strategy and time.  Frequently, a misstep can discourage companies from continuing online marketing. However, with expert help at setting realistic goals and a redefinition of progress, your company can succeed easier than you ever imagined. Online marketing is a great way to propel your company into the future and solidify the newer generation of consumers as your loyal clients.  What Admail West loves is that even an online marketing “failure” can be re-evaluated and turned into that thing that brings your next big success.

Online Marketing Failures Turned to Successes

Social Media Marketing

This occurs often in small businesses. An owner attempts a social mediamarketing which costs much more in time than the revenue it generates. While some business owners would quit here, we find this to be the best opportunity to step in. Failure is data, and data is a better understanding of your customers' behaviors. In marketing, there are no failures, there is only more information. Taking into consideration what does not work allows you to hone in on the science of what does. With the right understanding of your information, your social media will become a powerful tool. It doesn't matter than it hasn't worked in the past.

PPC Advertising Gone Stale

PPC ad campaigns that failed often turn business owners off of integrated marketing. However, behind every single PPC campaign is a wide variety of data that Google stores. That information allows experts to create a strategy for you that not only boosts PPC response, but also flows into all forms of your online marketing. You'll never see a lack of leads or low click rate as failure. See it as data for the best strategy for your next time around.

The Grass Is Greener

There is great opportunity in our failures. We just have to look clearly, looking back at them and investigating what went on will narrow down your strategy till it’s spot on. Our team at Admail West can help you analyze past online marketing and devise a plan for your next marketing campaign. In reality, knowledge is power. Every attempt is one step closer to success.

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