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What's In Store For Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising is sweeping through every type of marketing campaign and now is the time to get on board with your company. From email marketing to social media, mobile advertising is a powerful tool in capturing your leads on-the-go. So how do you keep up with mobile marketing? Below is a cheat sheet for what's new in 2015 for mobile advertising. Catch up today!

Social Media and Mobile Advertising

Facebook is the social media king and when you're wondering what is the best way to reach your market with the Facebook app, it's never been easier. Facebook advertising has their own section of their site dedicated to teaching you dimensions, best practices, and mobile optimization for every ad. In fact, when you boost a post you can now be confident that every single ad looks great on mobile. See below image for an example of how to use the Facebook Advertising tools to create mobile ads that look great!

Responsive Landing Pages And Mobile Marketing

This year, many landing page companies are releasing a much more customized version of responsive marketing. This means that rather than your site scaling down for your visitors on a mobile device, you can completely rearrange the page to make the mobile version better suited for a phone. A huge part of mobile advertising is creating an online environment that is easy and straightforward to use for clients no matter what device they are on. Mobile advertising is more than looking for gimmicks or sending an SMS campaign, a large part of it is simply creating great graphic design. Below is an example of a recent Admail West mobile landing page. Note the simplicity and straightforward call to action.

Email Marketing On Mobile Devices

The thing we are the most excited about for 2015's mobile advertising is responsive emails and automated programs. What's so awesome about email softwares we work with are their heightened ability to create really custom graphics. You can do so much more than simply scale down your images. Some softwares now let you swap out different images for mobile compared to desktop and if that's not a huge step forward in mobile advertising, I don't know what is!

Interested in a Mobile Advertising Campaign?

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Website Analytics: Change The Way You Market

Website analytics are what great companies use to get a deeper look under the hood of their marketing efforts. However, not everyone is an expert in statistics and so getting analytics and understanding analytics can be two different things. Luckily, Admail West has a few tricks up their sleeves that can help beginning marketers improve their efforts without trying to become an expert overnight. In fact, some of the programs and tools we are going to recommend can completely revitalize your understanding of digital advertising with data management. Here is a list of helpful online tools to better view your website Analytics and their prospective pricing. (Keep in mind, with an Admail West Contract, you get access to nearly all of the below  and our expert analysis as a complimentary added service for being our client.)

Google Analytics

(Price: Free) This is the fundamental website analytics tool for every single marketer. You can install Google Analytics on everything from emails to your website and use the information to see whats working and what isn't. One of the most powerful aspects of Google Analytics is that it shows you were your website views are coming from and on what page they are leaving your website. It is a great tool for following your visitors around the internet and better understanding them.

Facebook Analytics

(Price: Free) Facebook provides quite a bit of detailed information about who your followers are. In fact, you can pull a detailed demographics report that breaks down your followers by interest, gender, and age group. Understanding these analytics allows companies to ensure their adspend is being put to the best use possible and their ads are being targeted towards people who are proven to respond.

Raven SEO Tools

(Price- $99/Month) This is a fan favorite around the Admail West Office. Raven generates powerful, interactive reports that tie together all aspects of your marketing. Their program includes connecting Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, any and all Social Media platforms data, MOZ, and so much more. They even include their own site crawlers that details what's broken in your SEO, coding and other segments of your site to act as a guide to better marketing. Raven is a catch all as far as tools and is very much worth the money when it comes to website analytics.

Majestic SEO

(Price: $49-$399/Month) Majestic SEO uses all search engines to better explain your SEO visibility for organic rankings. They tie together things like backlinks and what pages your site is on for each keyword to show you the ways you're doing well and the ways that need some extra TLC. Majestic is extremely important when it comes to local visibility and beating out local competition. Their website analytics offer up information about how you fare in your area and globally.

Admail West Website Analytics

(Price: Varies on Need) You can get a detailed Admail West analysis done for varying prices at varying levels. Our team pulls data from all of the above and many more to create reports that fully capture your online success. Then we pair the data with a full initial strategy for online leads. Consider it programed information with a hands on touch from a marketing expert. You can rank higher, get bigger, have more followers and data, and win in your industry with Admail West. Contact us today for an analysis demonstration and a list of our website analytics.

Optimizing For Mobile Marketing And The Benefits

Mobile Marketing is taking over the internet and it’s time for your company to jump on board. So how do companies do it? Responsive design is the backbone of a mobile friendly design and strategy. To start using mobile campaign, you’ll need to apply mobile design concepts to every aspect of any marketing strategy. And why do you need it? At this day and age, you have the ability to reach your clients in their element on their cell phones, long after they have have stepped away from TV’s and computers. Mobile marketing is the strongest aspect of big data and it’s time to start using it.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are psychologically one of the easiest ways to close a sale or convert a lead online. Now take that same logic and apply it to mobile marketing. If people are clicking on your ads online from their cell phones, they need to be routed to a mobile friendly page or site. When it comes to landing pages on mobile devices, you can ditch a lot of your design and stick to the bare bones for responsive layout. When it shrinks down there are only a few important aspects: a header with your logo, a phone number, and a form to fill out. Try and focus on those and you’ll see high conversions in your mobile marketing.


While many forms are small, they are not automatically responsive all the time. Mobile optimization for great marketing starts with a testing everything for mobile. You need to be sure about how it works from the users perspective. Keep in mind that long forms can be extremely difficult to fill out on a form so stick to the essentials for a truly mobile optimization.


If your website is not responsive, it’s time for a new design. According to many web consultants 31-45% of your website traffic is generated through mobile devices. This means if your site doesn’t scale beautifully, you’re going to miss out on leads and fans. Keep a sleek design that is easy to navigate online for the ease of your clients. If you’re unsure of how your website fare on a phone, pull out yours and look now. The number one rule of understanding mobile marketing is testing it out for yourself. Look at your site on a mobile device and a tablet and keep notes on what is up to par and what could use some extra help.


Emails need to be responsive because more than half your subscribers will check their emails on a mobile device. This means, if an email newsletter doesn’t render correctly or in a visually appealing way, you’re going to miss out on opportunities and potentially lose some of your followers. Optimization for mobile is an essential aspect of email marketing so ensure that your marketing firm or email designers really understand the task at hand. Emails can be condensed or stacked. Just remember that as some aspects shrink others may become larger so be cautious of buttons getting too big or written CTA’s getting to small and you’ll be set.

Facebook Ads

Advertising on social media has many options for mobile layouts. When you post an ad, places like Linkedin, Twitter, Google PPC, and Facebook will allow you to make an alternate for mobile views. Always utilize this option to really maximize on your adspend. If you don’t make a specific mobile ad, then these programs will try to make them for you with an automated program. We can guarantee it will never be as nice as if you make it intentionally. A little bit of extra time on responsive design will be worth it in leads when the time comes.


We are frequently asked by clients if they should offer a mobile option for their clients in the form of an app. This comes down to a few things. First, what industry are you in? Not all companies can benefit from an app. We encourage people in industries like insurance, retail, online sales, and entertainment to consider apps. However, if you’re selling something like solar or a non-profit service, there aren’t a whole lot of reasons to get an app. Another important thing to consider is how much you are willing to spend. You will need to make sure that your database, your website, and your app sync automatically. While you don’t need to spend a fortune, you’ll want to make sure the job is done right because a malfunctioning app can do damage to your online reputation fairly quickly. In any case, an app can be a very beneficial tool to you in mobile optimization.

To find out more about how to mobile optimize your marketing campaigns, contact us at Admail West today. We want to ensure excellent customer service and remarkable results in all your advertising.

What To Look For In A Qualified Digital Marketing Company

Online advertising is taking over the marketing world and with new forms of media available; the options are endless for choosing a digital marketing agency. When it comes to signing a contract for your lead generation and online reputation, it’s important to know what to look for in an agency or ad firm. There are four major qualities that can make or break your ROI, and considering them could save you countless dollars and hours, because we all know time is money.

#1 Data Driven Strategy Comes First

The most important way to distinguish the digital marketing pros from the novices is to look at their approach to your advertising. Data driven marketing matters because it not only brings high results, it generates more ideas for future campaigns. By taking the time to create an all inclusive strategy for your company, a digital marketing agency solidifies its chances of bringing in more leads, more impressions, and returns on marketing dollars. Every penny spent should be accounted for and considered carefully because no matter what industry you are in, companies work hard for their advertising spend. By considering the data and demographics available for your clientele, an advertising agency shows forethought and dedication to your project.

#2 Looks Matter

Another true mark of good advertising is when a company keeps creative minds in both writing and design on your projects. The language and overall look of a campaign is so essential to success that you could be generating double the leads with the help of a firm that takes it seriously. In a podcast by New York Designers called Design Matters, they dedicate time each week to developing ways for graphic designers to work more efficiently and more creatively. Design is the physical product your clients hold, the form they fill out to translate into a lead, and it’s your reputation. Digital Marketing Agencies that consider the look and feel of a campaign as essential are the ones you should trust with your online advertising efforts.

#3 They Know More Than You

Unless you’re a CMO or in marketing yourself, you never want to know more about marketing than your agency. Digital Marketing Agencies that know their stuff take the time teach you more about your own advertising and marketing in general. If you find that your sales rep doesn’t know what inbound marketing is and can’t tell you the difference between a click rate and conversion rate, you’re in trouble. Companies hire marketing agencies to know what they don’t so when you’re on the hunt, be sure to give your agency a pop quiz or two before signing the contract.

#4 They Value Reporting

Digital Marketing Agencies that have your best interest in mind practice with full disclosure. If you’re not receiving reports at least once a week, then there could be a breakdown in communication. A qualified digital marketing agency should have their own integrated reporting software that tells you about campaigns in-depth. Weekly reporting holds everyone to a higher standard of accountability and contributes to data driven marketing, which as mentioned above, is extremely important to results. Also, pro-tip, once you find that agency that’s just right for you; take some time to read the reports. You might notice trends and demographics you hadn’t seen before.

Recap: What to Look For In Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing contracts are expensive and though they frequently have great returns, there is a lot that goes into setting one agency above the rest. Remember that data driven marketing has proven to be the best time and time again. Read a recent study on why data is important. Similarly, that a well rounded campaign includes intelligent and experienced marketers who value accountability and design above the rest. If you keep those in mind the ROI will follow. To get an analysis on what type of digital marketing would work best for you; click here to contact an Admail West representative. We are a full service digital marketing agency.

Translating Analytics Into Business Success

If you’re utilizing an integrated marketing campaign, you most likely work with a variety of marketing tactics, ranging from Google Adwords, social media, email marketing, and more. Behind these marketing channels lies a wealth of information and insights, all available through the power of web analytics. As a leading digital marketing agency, we know that analytics are the backbone in uncovering purchasing and conversion trends, ultimately leading to steady growth for your business.

Through marketing analytics, the biggest challenge lies in actually applying your analytics findings to  improve your marketing strategy. Read to learn how you can translate your analytics into a successful marketing campaign.

1. Find & Interpret Your Data

Getting your analytics set up is just one step in the process. There are many tools available online to capture data coming to your website, social media pages, advertisements, and more. If you don’t know where to start, look into configuring Google Analytics for your website. Google Analytics provides an interactive dashboard where you can easily view and export your data, as well as apply and compare metrics.

Once your method of retrieving data is established, the next step is to interpret it. This is another reason reporting software comes in handy. Comparing metrics, dates, social media analytics and campaign information is crucial in finding insights on your strategy. For example, you might find your PPC campaign has more conversions in the weekdays rather than the weekend, or that you have exponentially more traffic when publishing a blog post once a week rather than twice a week. For whatever you are measuring, you will always find results that reveal the strengths and weaknesses in your marketing.

2. Take Action on Your Insights

You’ve spent quite some time looking into your marketing analytics to uncover and interpret what’s working and what’s not. Now comes the most important part of making your analytics a success: applying, adjusting, and making changes according to your data.

For example, your social media analytics reveal that those over the age of fifty are engaging more with your recent social media campaign. You might adjust your upcoming campaign and target those fifty and over, to get maximum results. Or, you might find most of your landing page visits are coming from your email marketing efforts rather than PPC. In this case, you will want to change your strategy and budget to focus more on email marketing to capture leads or conversions. Taking tangible action on your marketing analytics will always boost your efficiency, results, and sales.

3. Measure and Repeat

Measuring and applying your analytics data is a big step towards a solid marketing strategy. Even though you’ve made improvements, your testing shouldn’t end there. After making any change or implementation, you will have to measure your results once again, and for any new insights, adjust your strategy once more. At the end of the day, applying analytics is all about refining your strategy to be more precise and effective in every way.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, our analytics experts can help provide you with marketing results. If you’re looking to grow your business through marketing analytics, contact Admail West today.

Analytics Spotlight- The What and Why of Conversion Rates

As a leading marketing firm, we know that growing and maintaining a business always involves utilizing a clear marketing strategy. With the use of web analytics, you'll be able to take your marketing strategy even further. That's why we’re here to cover one of the strongest metrics that’s crucial for your campaign. If you use the web to drive sales for your business, you’ll want to tune into our feature on conversion rates!

What is a Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate is a term used in marketing analytics that measures how many people have completed a ‘goal’ that you set online. Signing up for a newsletter, landing on your webpage, or opening an email are all examples of goals you can set for your marketing campaign. Every time a user completes a goal online, it counts as a conversion. In online marketing, conversion rates often measure the number of sales leads generated, or completed eCommerce purchases completed.

How Do I Measure my Conversion Rate?

There are many web analytics software platforms that let you measure conversion rate. Google Analytics is the most widely-used data analytics tool available. Google Analytics provides you with insights as to how many people were near completing a conversion, how many viewers actually completed a conversion, and so on. Without data analytics, you could be missing out on imperative information that could help strengthen your marketing strategy.

Why Is It Important?

Your conversion rate uncovers the the effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses of your marketing campaign. If your conversion rate is lower than your original goal, then it may be time to dig deeper and adjust your strategy. If your conversion rate exceeds your expectations, you can look into your data analytics to find what’s working in your strategy, and focus more on just that.

Web analytics are important to conducting your business online and measuring your return on investment (ROI). At Admail West, our marketing analytics experts are ready to help take your business to the next level. Contact us today for a free quote!

Why You Need Google Analytics

At an advertising firm, we are frequently asked for in depth analysis of who visits what page of a site and for how long. When it comes to improving your ad efforts, the only real tool that can shape a fantastic strategy is strong analytics. Google Analytics, one of the many Google Webmaster tools, is the best reporting source and surprisingly, it’s free. That means there is no reason to skip on Google Analytics if you have a website.

How to Install Google Analytics

Installing Google Analytics depends upon your content management system. If your site is held on Wordpress, then there are two places to check. First, look in your theme. There should be a tracking code section. Or if it does not have a section, download a Google powered plug-in. After about 2 hours you will then be able to login to Google Analytics and see all sorts of information about you website.

The Benefits of Google Analytics

Using GA provides you and your marketers with power insights into the patterns of consumers and their interaction with your site. The benefits are tri-fold in the ways they improve your productivity. First of all, you can understand you traffic and patterns. This allows you to tailor your website experience to the users to maximize lead count. Next, Google Analytics allows you to understand which keywords really work for your site. This means better rankings, improved content strategy, and more pointed coding. Finally, it shows you how long people stay on each page and where they usually leave. It’s a microscopic look into your website that gives you the ability to make educated and calculated changes to marketing strategy.

What Admail West Does with Google Analytics?

Well, as we have a wide variety of marketing specialists at our disposal, we create reports and strategies for clients with the utmost care and precision. Our analysts are able to understand your Google Analytics and manipulate your site based off daily results. We use Google analytics because data processing is an important part of our daily work.  If you are interested in detailed reporting or a free preliminary online presence analysis, contact us today!