Lead Generation

What's In Store For Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising is sweeping through every type of marketing campaign and now is the time to get on board with your company. From email marketing to social media, mobile advertising is a powerful tool in capturing your leads on-the-go. So how do you keep up with mobile marketing? Below is a cheat sheet for what's new in 2015 for mobile advertising. Catch up today!

Social Media and Mobile Advertising

Facebook is the social media king and when you're wondering what is the best way to reach your market with the Facebook app, it's never been easier. Facebook advertising has their own section of their site dedicated to teaching you dimensions, best practices, and mobile optimization for every ad. In fact, when you boost a post you can now be confident that every single ad looks great on mobile. See below image for an example of how to use the Facebook Advertising tools to create mobile ads that look great!

Responsive Landing Pages And Mobile Marketing

This year, many landing page companies are releasing a much more customized version of responsive marketing. This means that rather than your site scaling down for your visitors on a mobile device, you can completely rearrange the page to make the mobile version better suited for a phone. A huge part of mobile advertising is creating an online environment that is easy and straightforward to use for clients no matter what device they are on. Mobile advertising is more than looking for gimmicks or sending an SMS campaign, a large part of it is simply creating great graphic design. Below is an example of a recent Admail West mobile landing page. Note the simplicity and straightforward call to action.

Email Marketing On Mobile Devices

The thing we are the most excited about for 2015's mobile advertising is responsive emails and automated programs. What's so awesome about email softwares we work with are their heightened ability to create really custom graphics. You can do so much more than simply scale down your images. Some softwares now let you swap out different images for mobile compared to desktop and if that's not a huge step forward in mobile advertising, I don't know what is!

Interested in a Mobile Advertising Campaign?

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New Trends In Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is your company’s best friend when it comes to reaching your prospects every single day. Through mobile strategy, organizations can reach new lead generation heights and gain valuable data on their target markets. The following are just a few of the powerful ways your company could benefit more from a little strategic mobile marketing.

Click To Call

Mobile marketing is nothing if not efficient. The click to call strategy is the strategic placement of clickable phone numbers on your company’s emails, websites, social media, text messages and more. All it requires a consumer to do is press your phone number and they’re instantly in contact with you. Click to call allows you to increase conversion rates by cutting out forms as the middle man. Mobile marketing solutions like this take a few minutes to program making them simply non-negotiable for any digital campaign.

Social Media

More than half of social media users use it primarily on a mobile device. In fact, it has become so overpowering in the user market that platforms like Facebook offer and sometimes require, mobile friendly advertising. Taking advantage of mobile optimized social media campaigns can help increase social media conversion, follows, and engagement by over 75% in just the first month. At Admail West, we have found that focusing on mobile devices for our client’s adspend significantly increases the chances of their prospects interacting.

Responsive Design

If your website and webforms aren’t mobile friendly, this is an absolute must. Mobile marketing solutions include a responsive (re-sizeable) design for your websites. It means that when users see your social media ads (reference point above), they can follow through and convert on your website without ever leaving their portable device. The American population is constantly on the go and by catching up to speed, your company can guarantee a following. Responsive layouts are the first step to a strong mobile marketing campaign so start there.

Email Apps

Less and less people need to type in their email login as they now received emails instantaneously to their phone email apps. Email apps are just as effective as texting and your prospects likely check it on an hourly basis. If you’re using email marketing, make sure that responsive and mobile friendly emails are part of the equation. While it can take some more time in the design aspect, it’s ROI far outweighs the cost of a few added hours.

If you are interested in making your online campaigns mobile marketing friendly, contact the experts here at Admail West. Our team of strategists, designers, and data analysts can develop an integrated marketing campaign that covers all your necessary platforms.

Landing Page Best Practices

Following landing page best practices makes the difference between a high conversion rate and no incoming leads at all. In fact, depending on your industry, landing pages have been proven to bring in more leads than just a standard webpage. What makes landing pages so successful is that the psychology behind them communicates a need for immediate action which in most cases is filling out a contact form. How can you maximize landing pages to multiply your conversions? The following best practices can help you create a lead generation machine efficiently.

Minimal Navigation

Best practice number one for landing pages is to demolish links and menu bars. Unlike your website which encourages people to learn more about your company and interact, a landing page is all about converting a visitor to a lead. The biggest benefit of a landing page is that it is transactional. It tells a visitor if you do X you get Y. If the only navigation out of the landing page is by filling out a form, then your odds of getting a completed form improve vastly. Exceptions to this rule are links to your social media and potentially a small link through your logo to the main site. Otherwise, ditch the menu bar.


Landing page best practices number 2 is to use visual content to convey your message. Studies show that people do not read online they way they do on printed material. Reading is not a smooth motion from left to right but instead they first scan a page for clues about the content before deciding to read it. By using pictures with large print captions or CTA’s included, you greatly improve your chance of having readers absorb the message or deal you are conveying and then act on it.


If you are looking for a lead for industries like travel, solar, insurance, finance or more, (basically anything that isn’t E-commerce), you need to give something to get something. The best way to do this is provide a coupon for your product only available to people who fill out a form. Other options for a freebie are E-books, free consults, discounts, or priority ahead of clients gained through other ways. If it’s worth their while, anyone will be willing to hand over their information. By coming up with an important or generous offer, you are twice as likely to have an above-average conversion rate. (Remember most industry conversion rates fall between 3-11%. Those with freebies are looking more at a 16-22% conversion rate.)


The best landing page practice has been saved for last. Traffic is the most important part of turning your landing page into a lead generator for your company. How do you get traffic to a landing page? PPC advertising is one of the biggest landing page supports for marketing. However, alternatives include well-constructed social media ads, email campaigns, and print ads. Try testing out a specific medium or use them all to get the best lead conversion results.

Interested in landing page design? Contact the marketing experts at Admail West for our custom design landing page packages today!

Driving Leads Through Mobile Marketing

As you might know, a digital strategy is a crucial component in bringing your business success. If you want to keep your business in the forefront of your competition, you’ll have to add new angles and approaches to your digital advertising strategy. At Admail West, we’ve seen technology paving the way for an emerging marketing outlet: mobile devices. In today’s rapidly evolving use of mobile phones, theres no better way to up your marketing strategy to include mobile marketing.  Read on to learn how and why you should be driving leads through mobile advertising.

Why Mobile Marketing?

It’s not a surprise that most people nowadays rely on their mobile phones for everything from directions to restaurant reviews to Google searches, and more. Mobile use is expected to outgrow desktop use in the coming years. A continued growth in mobile browsing presents untapped marketing opportunities for local and online businesses.

Not only does mobile advertising reach a higher audience, it drives phone leads. Though they are sometimes overlooked in the world of online marketing, phone calls are always high quality lead source. By finding your product or service through Google searches or mobile ads, leads show their interest in your brand, product, or service through a phone call, which can lead to an in-house visit or sales conversion.

Shortening the Gap Between Customer & Conversion

Mobile use presents a shorter sales path between a customer and a business: potential customers or clients are more likely to call a phone number listed on their phone, since making a phone call is more easily accessible as opposed to a desktop.

There are multiple ways to take advantage of mobile advertising. For local businesses, potential customers turn to Yelp, Facebook, and business websites on their phones to find reviews or call in-store with questions. By having your business optimized and listed online, interested leads can easily call into your shop or find directions. Google’s Adwords platform also gives every business a chance to place mobile ads. Google’s mobile PPC ads are highly effective for lead generation. Because mobile ads give the user an option to call your business with a click of a button, users are again more likely to call in.

How Can I Add Mobile to My Strategy?

You may have a digital advertising strategy in place, but it’s not as optimal without mobile advertising as a part of it. You’ll need PPC, social media, content, and graphic design experts on hand to give you the most of your mobile marketing efforts. If you’re looking to optimize your business growth through mobile marketing, call Admail West and get started today!

Trick or Treat- Three Tricks For Lead Generation

While you may have a killer social media campaign, every company’s end goal is lead generation. Simple awareness and engagement doesn’t always translate to financial gain. With modern digital marketing we know that media awareness can be harnessed into extremely powerful leads, you just have to know how. In the following steps, you’ll see how insider secretes can transform your digital marketing into your largest producer of leads.

Trick #3

The Twofold Call To Action. With social media lead generation, you’ll often find that you have the potential to encourage interaction within a post online. Something many people struggle with is the decision to call for either a lead conversion or a social engagement conversion. The secret is to have both. Always. Make a post that is visually appealing and in the text call your readers to first “like” or “share” your post. Then include a link to the page you really want them to follow. It’s so simple but we guarantee you’ll see the leads pile up.

Trick #2

Give Your Followers A Reason. Want to convert leads now? Stop using gimmicks like “free quote” or “the best around”. Alone, those phrases lack the ability to capture attention and encourage your site visitors to fill out a form instantly. Make it an immediate need. Warn your prospects on the dangers of going without your service. Or tell them they can have a free quote or free sample, if they fill out the form before a set time and date. Creating urgency with a persuasive invitation can take you a long way.

Trick #1

Use A Landing Page. Want leads now? Stop directing your ads to your homepage. That is the biggest mistake in online marketing, and we see it all the time. When someone clicks on an ad, offer, or social media posting, they want to be taken to relevant content right away. Frequently your homepage will be a blanket summary of services and products rather than immediate information about your offer. Landing pages make it hard to navigate away and promote a higher amount of form submissions.

Bonus Trick

Hiring a team like Admail West allows your business to have access to tons of resources and experts in each faucet of marketing. Allow us to develop your marketing and watch the lead generation soar.