Email Marketing

5 Reasons To Consider Email Marketing

Email marketing is a re-marketing super tool for companies looking to stay in contact with their leads. Using and email marketing service allows you to constantly stay in front of past leads and turn a one-time customer into a returning customer. The following five reasons will change your mind about why your company must have email marketing campaigns now!

#1- Remarketing Matters

Its a pretty simple game in the realm of email marketing. You collect email addresses on your website, at a tradeshow, or in your place of business. Once you have them, you are able to take that interest and one time purchase and multiply it into many purchases. With promos and “VIP” club membership via email you can entice your customers to keep buying with regular email marketing services.

#2- Nurture With News

If you’re not in dialogue with your customers online, your competitors are. An email marketing campaign allows you to update customers on new products, upgrades, and sales. It will drive both online and retail business, we promise.

#3- Analytics and Answers

Many companies have evolving demographic markets. How can you intend to stay in tune with your audience if you don’t know who it is? An email marketing company like Admail West, allows you to get advanced analytics on your clients. You can learn things like best time of day to sell, gender, age, IP address, lifestyle and so much more.

#4- Promotionals

A sale doesn’t bring in revenue if your customers don’t know you’re having it. Using emails for promotional opportunities can double a conversion rate online within a matter of hours. That aspect alone makes email marketing services more than worth it.

#5- Brand Awareness

When you are in your customer’s email inbox regularly, you’re going to create a relationship with your brand. That means when you’re seen in a store, online, or on a past client that people remember you. People purchase what they know which makes keeping your brand in front of them with an email marketing campaign is essential.

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