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Top User Experience Tools For Great SEO

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Developing an SEO strategy is key to building an organic online presence that leads to ROI long after you've stop spending money on it. In fact, SEO is one of the best ways to create a sustainable online marketing strategy that can provide your company with long term results like you've never seen. Using your website to create ranking on Google is simple and effective when you use the following tools.

  1. Social Media- Blogging for your website isn't enough SEO in its own. You need to get links to those blogs out into cyberspace where people will click them and Google will catalog them to promote your site. A great SEO rule of thumb is to always pin, tweet, and share all your new website additions on your social media. This provides branded and regular content to your profiles AND provides essential backlinks that work like SEO gold.
  2. Online Review Sites- Wondering how to make a more dynamic keyword strategy for SEO? Take the negatives and spin them around. A great SEO strategy should outrank Yelp, Google Places, and other review sites. Consider the bad reviews as words you need to capitalize on and start to outrank them with your website. Taking cues from your haters and your fans alike will bring you rankings benefits!
  3. Google Analytics- No marketer in their right mind would start any campaign without a thorough report from Google Analytics. Just because you think you want to rank for a keyword doesn't mean it's being looked up. Take some time to research for yourself and get your hands dirty with the data. Google Analytics is Google's way of handing you the best SEO strategy.
  4. Visual Content- Make sure that your content is so much more than just words on a screen. People respond positively to visual aids for everything. Creating dynamic tables, infographics, and charts ups your Google user experience rating and therefore ups your SEO rankings. Take pictures of your products, your team, and your progress. And, hire a graphic designer to create awesome custom graphic content.

There is a lot that goes into great Google rankings. Make the most out of your SEO today with the above tips and tricks. And, don't forget to hire an SEO agency to help along the way!

5 Things You Must Know Before Web Redesign

Web design allows your company to create an office space online where customers can visit and understand your services. A website communicates your unique brand and offers that can help make the difference between a page on the internet and an online marketplace. With major advances in coding the past few years, more industries are seeking updated websites, but before you sign a redesign contract, there are some vital factors to take into consideration. A website is an investment in the future of your company and with Admail West, your company’s needs are put above all else.

1. Your Web Design Goals

There are varying levels of skill required for each type of website design. Some things like custom social media platforms and forums require expertise you can’t always find in an out of the box, website template. Before you decide to use an online service with strangers, make a list of what is most important in your website redesign. Do you need a high or low level of customization? Our web design services offer a wide selection of tiers and pricing that can help you break down your needs into affordable bits. Whether it’s just a new homepage or a completely new look, we’ve got it.

2. Necessary Integrations

Many companies in all industries use a CRM like Salesforce to keep up with their leads and sales process. Nonprofits frequently use a donation software. These are important aspects of a website that go much deeper than the graphic design and they require a lot of knowledge about apex coding and integrations. To ensure you get an accurate quote, list out any integration needs you might have. This will save you time by making sure it’s done correctly the first time.

3. Branding Your New Website

Do you have a consistent brand deck? If not, a website design is the perfect time to evaluate your brand needs and guidelines. Many development companies offer a dual service in both re-branding your company and re-designing a site. This helps to extend your new identity long past your url into social media, collateral and beyond. Take the web development process as a step to get your entire brand in line with your organization's vision. Create a brand voice that speaks even when you’re not present. If you do have a brand clearly defined, then this is the time to make sure you communicate your requirements.

4. Project Timeline

Website builds, depending on the level of customization, can take quite awhile. Make sure that you have an accurate depiction of your time needs. Once you establish your list of needs from above, have your design company draw up a strict timeline with a start and end date that you are comfortable with. Make sure there is extra time for delays and collaboration.

5. Portfolio Of A Web Development Company

The most important aspect of any web development job is to know that you’re working with someone you trust. Any web design company should have a solid portfolio that displays capabilities that line up with all your needs. At Admail West, we only sell services we are completely confident we can deliver. Fill out the form to the right for a sample portfolio of our most recent web designs!

Key Components for Building an Online Presence

If your business hasn’t started with building an online presence, now is the time to start. There are too many reasons behind why building an online presence is beneficial to your business. Through a strong and engaged audience, your can garner the attention of potential clients, build trust in others, expose your brand, grow your business, and preset opportunities to sell your product or service. That’s a lot to gain! To do this, you’ll have to utilize your content marketing strategy to it’s maximum potential. Get started with our agency suggestions for effectively building your online audience.

Define your goals.

This is a step that should be defined before you begin building an online presence. If you’ve already started, that’s okay, there’s still room to readjust your strategy. You will want to look into who your target audience is. What is the demographic, what are their interests, what time are they online? Are you aiming for conversions, newsletter sign-ups, or leads? These are just a few questions to ask yourself before you begin any type of blogging, email, or social media marketing. If you don’t know where to start, dig deep into your Google Analytics account for insights or start with A/B testing.  Looking into these metrics saves you time, and helps you get clear on who you are catering to.

Keep your content all in one place.

Your viewers will not want to visit multiple sites to view your content. The focus is to make your content easily accessible. If you plan to build an audience through a blog, keep all your blog posts on one page, don’t scatter your content across your website. If social media is your outlet, keep your content there. You only have a few seconds to win over a potential follower. Remember,you are catering to your audience and making their user experience as easy as possible. If your content is organized in one place, people are more likely to follow and revisit your content.

Consistency is key.

This is the most important factor in growing your following online. The moment you stop providing content is the moment your audience will lose interest. In an ever-competitive online space, others can expect to see new content, emails, and social media posts often. It’s easy to lose engagement in your followers when you stop adding content or start posting lesser-quality content. In that case, focus on creating quality content, frequently. For this reason, an editorial calendar is a must for any content marketing strategy.

Provide something of value.

It’s most likely a given that providing other’s with quality will make them recognize and want more of your brand. However, consistently providing quality is easier said than done. So how can you provide quality content? Look for topics that haven’t been covered, share new insights that you’ve learned, add a fun twist to your social media or share an engaging infographic. Creativity and innovation play a huge role in making your content stand out.

Encourage others to share your brand.

Continual growth is your end goal in building an online presence. SEO will always help in making your brand found, but for efficiency having your content shared helps you gain followers, faster. For example, you can establish connections with other well-know brands or bloggers, and ask them to share your website or content. Make sharing easy through adding sharing buttons in your email, social media, or blog. It also never hurts to add a call to action in your content!

Admail West is a leading content marketing agency in Sacramento for making real results happen. Call us today.

Make Your Content Stand Out from the Rest

Every brand with an online presence needs a constant stream of fresh content to post on their social media, blogs, and website. In the midst of thousands of pieces of content released everyday, it becomes more competitive to ensure that your content is engaging, useful, and share-worthy. To find a strong return on investment on your content marketing strategy, you will want to ensure people are really seeing and engaging in your content. To do this, creating exceptional and flawlessly executed content is a must. Read our content marketing agency tips to learn how you can make your content stand out from the rest.

Make It Visually Appealing

The visual appeal of your content is the first determining factor whether viewers will click, read or or take action on your content. Creating visually appealing content is the first step in initially engaging your audience. To make your content engaging, always add photos to your articles, blogs posts, or website content. A relevant and quality photo is the determining factor in whether your audience will engage in your piece of content.

If adding photos to your content, use high-quality stock images. A dull, poorly taken photo will not capture any attention, and will not validate your content as being high-quality. Professional pictures will make your brand look just like that, professional.

Hire An Editor

Typos and grammatical errors are taboo when publishing any type of content. Not only will viewers lose interest, your brand or business will lose credibility.  For extensive articles, blog posts, or informational articles, it’s always great to have an editor sift through your content to guarantee it’s sharp, readable, and error-free.

Focus On Creating Something Unique

The time spent brainstorming and creating one-of-a kind content will have the highest ROI for your content marketing strategy. Whether it be an in-depth infographic, a fun animated video, or an insightful blog post, there is always a way to add creativity to make your content exclusive. With something new and innovative, people are more likely to share, comment and dig deeper into your brand.

Start the Process Early

Creating memorable content takes time. By allocating enough time to create your content, you can ensure  the process will be seamless and your content will be more than ready to be published, shared, and promoted. Start by creating a content calendar to get organized and set deadlines.

Admail West is the leading content marketing agency in the Sacramento region. If you’re looking for a team of highly talented and dedicated content marketers, copywriters, and graphic designers to take your content marketing to another level, contact us today!

Earning Consumer Trust Online

Due to less and less personal interaction between companies and their clients, it can be tricky learning how to earn consumer trust online. Unlike past advertising that drove clients to pick up the phone or come into a store to make purchasing decisions, people are spending more time making those decisions through the virtual world. How does your company build a trustworthy online reputation?

Tell The Truth To Consumers

One of the biggest mistakes we see is companies stretching the truth online. In the digital age, it only takes a few clicks of a button to fact check. What’s worse is that this can even perpetuate a negative reputation. But this is nothing to shy away from the internet over. Earning consumer trust online is about taking your best assets and putting them on display. Many ways of doing this are using real photos rather than stock photos, being open about your employees, and always following through with your promises. If your website says that you will return an inquiry in less than 24 hours, it’s important to do so.

Join The Conversation To Build Consumer Trust

Online directories are one of the biggest blessings of online marketing. Rather than word of mouth being completely out of your control, you can now be a part of what customers say about you online. If you’re receiving reviews on a site like Yelp or Google Places, respond to them. Consumer trust is built through conversation. Say thank you for the good reviews and respond, quickly, to the bad ones. If you are actively seeking to build a reputation of good work, this comes with taking credit for the positive alongside the negative.

Consumers Trust Recent Updates

Your online portfolio of photos, services, and products need to be represented online with reliable frequency. By keeping new accomplishments and reviews listed online, you show consumers that you are relevant and available. Build consumer trust by being active on social media, your blog, and emails. Consumer trust in E-commerce is built by making sure everything looks and runs smoothly. Letting your website or social media fall inactive communicates negligence even when you’re the most trustworthy and reliable vendor in your field.

While you can get bogged down with the large marketing mediums available online, building consumer trust comes easily when your organization is intentional and active. A marketing agency, like Admail West, can help your company stay on top of both lead management, growth and your online reputation.

Influencing Your Audience Through Blogging

In the rise of content marketing, blogging is essential for every business, no matter how large or small. You can see that every reputable business maintains a blog, where they can establish themselves as leaders and connect with their clients or customers. Though the return on investment from adding blogging to your content marketing strategy is not direct, the influence you can have on current and potential clients is very powerful. Read on to learn how you can influence your audience through blogging.

Becoming a Leader in Your Industry

Writing highly informative and insightful blog posts helps any business establish themselves as an authority. Sharing your company’s knowledge strengthens trust between you and your audience. By letting others know what you know, others will see you as a leader in your industry. By providing content that’s original and valuable, others are more likely to trust you as an industry leader and invest in your product or service.

Create a Hub of Discussion

Through your blog, potential and current audiences have the chance to connect with your insights and information. Other industry leaders can also tune into your discussion to share and add knowledge. Taking the time to provide answers through your blog, reply to other's comments, and actively participate in your own online community influences others to believe that you are indeed an industry leader.

Make Yourself Found

There is no better benefit of maintaining a blog than having your business found online. A solid and frequently updated blog will always show up in search engine results through SEO. Increased exposure for both your blog can brand can only mean more leads and conversions, and ultimately more growth for your business.

Establish Your Authority Today

The sooner a blog is implemented and executed through your content marketing strategy, the sooner you can start generating leads and followers. If you’re wondering how to begin, reach out to Admail West Sacramento. Our digital marketing company includes content marketers, graphic designers, and strategists that all work together to integrate blogging into any marketing strategy. Get started with a consultation today!

6 Ways to Cut Your Social Media Marketing Time in Half

Social media can have a very high return on investment. Unfortunately, it’s very possible to get lost in spending countless hours scoping out, perfecting, and posting your content. Though the time time you spend building a solid social media strategy is never wasted, it can take a big, unnecessary chunk out of your workweek. Follow these simple tips on cutting your social media marketing time in half.

1. Automate!

Social media automation is most likely the best method to save time on executing your strategy. Free software like Hootsuite and Buffer give you the option to schedule posts for any day and time. This is also great if you are working with an editorial calendar, and want to schedule your posts far in advance. With social media automation, you can execute your social media strategy within just a few hours or less per week.

2. Curate Content as You Go

Scoping out relevant and engaging content is by far the most time-consuming aspect of any social media strategy. You can spend hours searching for the right content, being led from one site to the next, and ultimately still finding nothing to share. Instead of designating a chunk of time for your content search, try keeping an eye out for relevant content as you go along your day, and bookmark it for later. Adding relevant sites to your RSS feed can also help you curate your content easily throughout your week.

3. Share Other's Content

Sharing content is a great way to grow your social media connections as well as cut down the time you spend finding and sharing information. Sharing, re-tweeting, or pinning take only a few seconds to add content to your page.

4. Stock Photos

When creating your own own social media content, it can take time to find the perfect photo through a web search. Not only that, but most photos are not high-quality, and take up even more time needing to be re-touched and edited. Investing in a popular stock photo site can help you instantly find that perfect photo to go with your blog or social media post.

5. Keep It Simple

Your social media strategy doesn’t have to be a complex endeavor. Most of the time, viewers on social media are looking for quick information and fast reads. You only have about a second to capture someone’s attention. In this case, simple is always better. Spending time crafting the absolute perfect, lengthy post won’t always get you better results.

6. Leave It to the Experts

Even after applying the tips above, we understand that you still might not have the time or resources to execute an effective social media marketing strategy. At Admail West, we’ve had repeated success in launching social media campaigns and bringing success to our clients. If you’re interested in leaving your social media marketing to the experts, contact Admail West today!

Everyday Content Writing Tools

Good content is a powerful marketing tool. But you might be asking, what is content marketing? It’s a blend of blog posts, extremely useful informational articles, social media posts and more. Not only can good marketing content reel in potential clients and customers, it can also strengthen your brand’s identity. That’s why it’s important to invest time, research, and focus when developing content for your marketing strategy. At Admail West, content marketing is an integral part of our services. Take a look at some of the helpful content writing tools we like to use.

1. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

If you’re writing and producing multiple blog posts a week, chances are you’ll come across a creative block when brainstorming ideas. In these moments Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator comes in handy. Type in your keywords, submit, and let Hubspot do the thinking for you.

2. Bitly

If you’re including links in your social media posts or blogs, it’s not always the best idea to include a long URL. When creating a strong and powerful piece of content, you want your writing to read smoothly, concisely, and consistently. A long and unsightly URL will impede on your content’s readability. Bitly allows you to shorten and customize your links, as well as track how many viewers have clicked your specific link. Here’s an example of an Admail West URL, shortened with Bitly:

3. Google Trends

Want to know if your potential topic is popular? Hop on Google Trends to find out! This tool allows you to see if your topic is gaining or losing popularity, based on Google searches. You can also find in which location your topic is most popular, as well as other similar topics others are searching for. This is a great tool for doing research on a potential blog topic.

4. Google Docs

We love using Google Docs for essentially everything. The user-friendly nature of this app makes writing content and creating editorial calendars a breeze. It’s also great for collaborative efforts - you can share your marketing content documents with anyone online, access them easily from any location or device, and be sure that your changes will be saved automatically. If you need a great platform to write your content, Google Docs is your best best.

5. Adwords

Adwords is a great tool for driving leads and conversions for your business. But it’s also a great tool for finding SEO keywords for your content. Adwords provides you with statistics on how many people around the world have searched for a certain keyword, in any given period of time. With Adwords, you can most certainly learn about an audience’s interests, search patterns and more. If you’re looking for a reliable way to find the most relevant SEO keywords for your content, Adwords is key.

Content writing doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavor. If you want to take full advantage of what a marketing content strategy can offer your business, contact Admail West Sacramento today.

6 Updates On Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm

It's time to update your SEO marketing strategy and you may be a little lost with the in's and out's of Google's algorithm. The current algorithm, named Hummingbird, is more intuitive and simple than you may imagine. Let's take some time to get familiar with the updates.

1. The context of your content matters.

This is the single-most defining feature of Google’s Hummingbird. The new algorithm is designed not to only take into account keywords, but to also consider other synonymous words and semantics used throughout your content. Google calls this ‘conversational search.’ For example, the topic and words of an entire sentence are taken into account, rather than just the specific keyword placed in the sentence. It’s a big-picture approach to content.

2. Focus more on long-tail keywords.

Though shorter keywords are still relevant, long-tail keywords steal the spotlight in Hummingbird. Long tail keywords result from a longer search query that the user enters in the search box, as well as long-tail keywords placed in your web content. Long-tail keywords more relevant, and almost always result in a higher conversion rate and ROI on SEO marketing.

3. Informational content is the focus.

Google wants to answer user’s questions as best as they possibly can. ‘How-to’ or informational content takes the lead in search results content. Be sure to add in some instructional posts to your website or blog.

4. Your homepage isn’t everything.

To further refine search results for users, Google has begun displaying specific web pages in their search results, as opposed to general home pages. For example, users searching for ‘Integrated Marketing Sacramento’ might land on Admail West’s homepage With Hummingbird, search results will display a more relative page in the website, such as Taking the next step and ensuring that every page on your website is optimized will pay dividends.

5. Older SEO factors are still relevant.

It’s important to remember that older SEO factors matter in creating a cohesive content strategy. High-quality backlinks and shorter keywords are still part of the equation. If you’re not too familiar with the workings of SEO, consider hiring SEO experts like Admail West.

6. Fresh, new content will never go out of style.

As always, a solid website is one that churns up their content on a consistent basis. Regular website audits and refreshed content signal to Google that your page has new, updated, and relevant content.

So Why Should You Care About SEO Updates?

Hummingbird will give preference to those who follow proper SEO marketing practices. Creating quality, informational content for the purpose of helping your audience will always lead the way to a solid and unquestionable content marketing strategy. To get the best results, content and SEO practices can be incorporated through your blog or website content.

In the ever-changing landscape of SEO, creativity and in-depth industry knowledge are essentials. As a skilled digital marketing agency, Admail West houses a team of knowledgeable SEO experts. We help clients improve their search rankings ethically and efficiently. If you’re looking for a skilled team of marketing professionals, learn about Admail West SEO services for your website. Contact us today!

Search Engine Optimization Vocabulary Every Marketer Must Know

In the scope of SEO, there are dozens of words that point towards different parts of site ranking. Because search engine optimization is such an important part of online marketing, it’s vital to your success that you and your team understand every element of SEO. Not only can a better understanding of search engine optimization increase your online ranking, it can really impact your organic leads. For companies looking to create a lasting presence online, our search engine optimization vocabulary could make the difference of ranking first rather than a few pages back.

Terms You Need To Know About SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The act of altering a website so that it rises higher in the organic crawler-based listings of search engines. SEO strategies and tactics are what ultimately garner "free" traffic or drive users to a website, rather than paying for listings on Google, Yahoo, etc.

Headers: The largest headline style you can use on the HTML of a site. Best for main subject headings. Search engine crawlers will look for keywords used in headers.

Keyword Tags: Tags help your users find what will be discussed or conveyed on a particular page. Tags--which are always clickable on most websites--are found in two places: in the tag line at the top of every page, and in the tag cloud. This is particularly true for websites. META Tags: META tags are used by search engines to search results pages. Making sure to use meta tags, description, keywords, and title for every page on your website.

Directories: Parts of search engines where listings are gathered through human efforts, rather than by automated crawling of bots on the web. In directories, web sites are often reviewed, summarized in about 25 words, and placed in a particular category.

Crawlers (aka "spiders"): Components of search engines that gather listings by automatically "crawling" the web. Search engine crawlers (also called spiders or robots) follow links to web pages. They make copies of the web pages found and store them in the search engine's index.

Keywords: The most popular search terms identified for the subject of your wiki. Many different online tools can help you identify the most effective keywords for your wiki.

Organic Listings: These are listings that search engines do not sell (unlike paid listings). Instead, sites appear solely because a search engine has deemed it editorially important for them to be included, regardless of payment. Paid inclusion content is also often considered "organic" even though it is paid for. This is because that content usually appears intermixed with unpaid organic results. Outbound Links: Links on a particular web page leading to other web pages, whether they are within the same web site or on other web sites.

Backlinks: All links pointing at a particular web page. These are also called "inbound links".

Need a Little Search Engine Optimization?

As an agency, Admail West is able to perform SEO related tasks for websites in the most efficient way. We have a team of staff that works with search engines day in and day out giving all our clients a leg up on the ranking competition. If your company is looking for higher rankings, Admail West would be pleased to perform a site audit and provide recommendations for our ideal package for you.

Want more?

Download the complete dictionary here!

Content Matters

So you decided to start your marketing campaign with asocial media presence. That’s great! You created a Facebook for your business. You already have 20 likes? That’s awesome! Maybe you also added a twitter account and a blog. So how do you keep attention on your profiles? With good content.

Content includes all the pictures, comments, blog posts, artwork, or music that you post online. The content quality is important. Nobody wants to read generic blog posts.And nobody will read boring blog posts that just list your companies name over and over in hopes of increasing said companies presence in search results. In fact, Google is aware of this tactic. Using it will result in your website being exiled to the frozen tundra that is the back pages of the search results.

So how do you fill the need for fresh content in a cost and time effective manner? The easy solution is pictures, as mentioned in the previous post.Pictures with brief captions can say more, more efficiently than a blog post that you probably didn't want to write in the first place. People respond well to pictures and they are easy.

But pictures aren't enough for most online profiles and websites. Sometimes written content is needed. If you need quality copy,blog articles, or emails written but you don’t have the time, hiring writers for your content is viable option. Admail West can help your business with any of these services and more. Find out more about us from our or contact us through any option.

Getting Past Online Marketing Failures

Online marketing, even with trial and error, is an excellent way to gain newfound success. With older companies, the switch to online marketing requires strategy and time.  Frequently, a misstep can discourage companies from continuing online marketing. However, with expert help at setting realistic goals and a redefinition of progress, your company can succeed easier than you ever imagined. Online marketing is a great way to propel your company into the future and solidify the newer generation of consumers as your loyal clients.  What Admail West loves is that even an online marketing “failure” can be re-evaluated and turned into that thing that brings your next big success.

Online Marketing Failures Turned to Successes

Social Media Marketing

This occurs often in small businesses. An owner attempts a social mediamarketing which costs much more in time than the revenue it generates. While some business owners would quit here, we find this to be the best opportunity to step in. Failure is data, and data is a better understanding of your customers' behaviors. In marketing, there are no failures, there is only more information. Taking into consideration what does not work allows you to hone in on the science of what does. With the right understanding of your information, your social media will become a powerful tool. It doesn't matter than it hasn't worked in the past.

PPC Advertising Gone Stale

PPC ad campaigns that failed often turn business owners off of integrated marketing. However, behind every single PPC campaign is a wide variety of data that Google stores. That information allows experts to create a strategy for you that not only boosts PPC response, but also flows into all forms of your online marketing. You'll never see a lack of leads or low click rate as failure. See it as data for the best strategy for your next time around.

The Grass Is Greener

There is great opportunity in our failures. We just have to look clearly, looking back at them and investigating what went on will narrow down your strategy till it’s spot on. Our team at Admail West can help you analyze past online marketing and devise a plan for your next marketing campaign. In reality, knowledge is power. Every attempt is one step closer to success.

Contact us today for an online marketing audit. We can help!