Benefits of Direct Mail

The benefits of Direct Mail are the ways it has remained one of the strongest forms of advertising available to companies. There is a multitude of direct mail benefits that can help revolutionize your company. Recently, the CMO Council released a study that indicates that 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately. In a digital world, the benefits of direct mail pieces has not been lost but is stronger than ever. This means companies looking to grow will benefit greatly from direct mail campaigns that compliment their online marketing. The amazing thing about modern marketing is that there are endless opportunities for companies interested in broadening their horizons and staying in front of customers, right in their homes.

When it comes to reaching consumers, the psychology behind advertising justifies any direct mail marketing., a site dedicated to essential skills for career minded individuals, touches on learning styles that directly influence the memory of individuals (or in this case, consumers). Kinesthetic (touch) learners and visual learners make up over half of the population. This means that for a large amount of consumers, they remember products and services better through physical touch or visual aid. The benefit of Direct mail pieces is that they take those styles into account and provide consumers with a handheld representation of your business in a way online marketing cannot. (Don’t worry, we aren’t discrediting online marketing, that would be crazy.) Direct mail will help your company stay memorable, and in a fast paced marketplace, that is an invaluable trait.

As if that isn’t enough, here are a few ways Direct Mail matters to your company.

The Benefits of Direct Mail:

  • Easy to track campaigns that encourage customers to visit your storefront
  • Flexibility in image, size, and shape
  • Niche Target Marketing- Reach a specific type of person based on income, interest, location, and more
  • Remain in front of your clients, offline.

Direct Mail is one of the services Admail West does best. For a quote or to better understand what direct mail can do for your company, fill out the form in the sidebar. You could be in the mail sooner than you imagined.