Direct Mail Still Get's Results: Here's Why

While it’s true that online and digital marketing is extremely important in today’s advertising climate, direct mail is still a vital aspect of most industries and it can get you results. Nothing beats the moment when your prospects open their mailbox and hold your postcard, appeal, or offer in their hands. In that moment, your company becomes a tangible part of their day and increases their chances of becoming a customer. Marketing with Direct Mail makes it easier than ever for you to increase brand recognition, reach new markets, and integrate all your marketing campaigns.

Marketing With Direct Mail

The process of using direct mail with Admail West is extremely easy. We begin by defining your campaign goals which vary from vertical to vertical. Do you want someone to redeem a coupon online or in stores? Are you trying to get new clients or stay in from of existing ones? With direct mail we can tailor everything from design to lists to better reach your demographics and goals. Direct Mail is a traditional form of marketing and we bring extensive data and new marketing methods to the table for a unique experience.

Direct Mail Solutions

Direct mail is more than just a form letter sent to your clients. It can be postcards, appeal letters, welcome packets, insurance cards and so much more. Our direct mail marketing solutions come in any shape, size, or quanitity you might need. Custom design and data driven strategy is our specialty and we guarantee to deliver results. Direct mail has been a reliable form of marketing for over a century and with us, we can help you maximize each campaign for unbeatable ROI.

Integrated Marketing

What makes marketing with direct mail so efficient is that we have the capability of combining it with all your advertising platforms to create one unified campaign that is stronger and more reliable than anything you’ve done before. Our direct mail pieces can be integrated with unique landing pages, variable print, email marketing, social media, the list goes on. Our goal is to help your organization create a memorable brand and style. Contact us today to hear about how we can combine digital marketing with direct mail to get you results.

7 Ways to Make Your Marketing More Personal

In the current market, there’s more to just advertising your product or service and waiting for people to buy. Through your brand, there should be a differentiating factor that puts you above the rest and lets others know they can trust your brand. When you make your marketing more personable, it’s easy to achieve these goals. Your customers turn to you, listen to what you have to say, believe in your story and are more likely to come back for your product or service. There are many ways you can make your brand more exclusive and customer-oriented. Read to find our digital marketing agency tips for making your brand more personal.

1. Define Your Audience

Before you begin any of your marketing efforts, you need to know who you are going to be connecting with. Catering to just a general audience won’t get you too far. For example, marketing for teenagers is very different from marketing for executives, moms, or any other demographic for that matter. Can you see how differences in demographics help you define how you approach your marketing strategy? Knowing your target group gives you a roadmap towards how you want to develop your branding and reach your customers. This is where crafting your brand’s ‘voice’ comes in.

2. Establish a Voice

Now that you know who you will be communicating with, you will want to shape who you are through a solid tone of voice. Your voice communicates your product or service, your values and your story. Are are you a corporate brand? Go for a formal tone. Are you promoting a lifestyle brand? Keep it fun yet elegant. There is a whole spectrum of where your brand’s tone of voice lays. When your audience can connect with who you are and what you have to say, it’s immediately easier to establish that relationship between brand and customer.

3. Communicate the Value of Your Product or Service

In the ever-changing landscape of advertising, inbound marketing takes lead. Through  inbound marketing, your customers come to you. In this case showcasing the value of your product means everything. Why should people choose your brand over others? What makes it special? What gets people ready to buy?

There are so many channels to communicate the message of your product. Use content marketing to create e-books, articles or blogs to give an in-depth look at the background and value of your product or service. Online reviews through social media give people cues that your product and business are worthy. Presenting the value of your product or service is a completely harmless marketing move: you make it known, and from there people can decide if they want to make a purchase or not.

4. Keep Your Branding Consistent

Branding is more than meets the eye. Solid branding creates an association and connection between you and your customers, whether they realize it or not. When you establish a message that conveys your business ideas and values, you’ll want to stick with it through time. If your branding scheme and message are constantly changing, it’s hard for you to establish who you are and what you stand for as a business, product or service.

5. Stay Engaged, Respond Quickly

Staying involved with your customers means creating a personal connection and showing you care about their opinions, concerns and insights. Social media is a great platform for this, since it creates a clear line of communication between a business and it’s followers. It’s an outlet that allows potential and current customers to ask and receive.

The next step is to ensure that you respond to your customers, and on a timely manner. There’s no bigger turn off than being ignored by a company after having a bad experience with a product or service. Better yet, staying involved shows you care about your customers beyond making sales. A business that cares will always stay in business.

6. Focus Less on You, More on Them

There needs to be a steady balance between expressing how great your brand is and how much value it can actually provide to the customer. Too much self-promotion can hurt your brand. Adjust your marketing strategy so that your content shows the benefits of your product or service, and why working with your brand is superior.

7. Focus on the Long-Term

Every business wants their customers coming back for more. Even if that’s not the case, your customers can create more business through word-of-mouth referrals. Establishing a long-term connection with a consumer is the perfect strategy for growth and sustainability. Through digital marketing, you can provide updates and stay in touch through creating a monthly newsletter, sending emails with special offers, or updating your current and past customers through social media. When you stay connected and provide communication for the long-term, you can watch your business grow at a steady and solid rate.

A personal approach to marketing never fails to win trust over customers. At Admail West, our staff includes experts on online management, branding, copywriting and graphic design. If you’re looking for a talented and dedicated marketing agency in Sacramento, call us today.

Email Marketing Metrics You Need To Know

Email marketing metrics tell marketers a lot about their audience and the effectiveness of their current campaigns. This guide will break down some of the tricky metrics that email software collects for your marketing campaigns and tell you how to respond to high and low numbers. Get improved email metrics today with our cheat sheet.

  1. Open Rate: This metric measures what percent of people opened your email compared to how many received it. The higher this number is the better your campaign did which generally indicated that not only did it pass spam tests, it had an enticing subject line.
  2. Bounce Rate: This is how many email contacts in your list rejected the email from their server. The goal is to make this number as low as possible. Bounce rate can be caused by poor design and subject lines that caused a server like Google or Outlook to reject the email. It can also be caused by out of date email address in your data. To improve, work on less salesy emails and clean your lists.
  3. Click Rate: The click rate is the percent of people who click on a button or link once you opened the email. The click rate is something you want to be as high as possible. If you get alot of clicks, then your calls to action were motivating and spot on. If not, it may be time for a new strategy. Also, be sure to look into which buttons received the most clicks to better ensure that your rate is higher in your next email campaign.
  4. Spam: This is how many people reported your email as spam. This is arguably one of the most important metrics in your campaign. Most email marketing software keeps tabs on how frequently you’re marked as spam. If the number is too high (regularly above 1%) your account could be suspended unless you can prove you are not sending spam. This is a good motivator to keep really clean data.
  5. Conversion Rate: This number may not always be tracked in your email software but instead on your lead capture platform. Whether it’s a landing page or ecommerce website, your conversion rate keeps track of how many people actually take action from your email. This could be signing up for more information, purchasing something off your list, or making a donation.

For more information about important email marketing metrics, contact the experts at Admail West. We specialize in lead generation and automated programs via email for a wide  variety of clients and industries.

What To Look For In A Qualified Digital Marketing Company

Online advertising is taking over the marketing world and with new forms of media available; the options are endless for choosing a digital marketing agency. When it comes to signing a contract for your lead generation and online reputation, it’s important to know what to look for in an agency or ad firm. There are four major qualities that can make or break your ROI, and considering them could save you countless dollars and hours, because we all know time is money.

#1 Data Driven Strategy Comes First

The most important way to distinguish the digital marketing pros from the novices is to look at their approach to your advertising. Data driven marketing matters because it not only brings high results, it generates more ideas for future campaigns. By taking the time to create an all inclusive strategy for your company, a digital marketing agency solidifies its chances of bringing in more leads, more impressions, and returns on marketing dollars. Every penny spent should be accounted for and considered carefully because no matter what industry you are in, companies work hard for their advertising spend. By considering the data and demographics available for your clientele, an advertising agency shows forethought and dedication to your project.

#2 Looks Matter

Another true mark of good advertising is when a company keeps creative minds in both writing and design on your projects. The language and overall look of a campaign is so essential to success that you could be generating double the leads with the help of a firm that takes it seriously. In a podcast by New York Designers called Design Matters, they dedicate time each week to developing ways for graphic designers to work more efficiently and more creatively. Design is the physical product your clients hold, the form they fill out to translate into a lead, and it’s your reputation. Digital Marketing Agencies that consider the look and feel of a campaign as essential are the ones you should trust with your online advertising efforts.

#3 They Know More Than You

Unless you’re a CMO or in marketing yourself, you never want to know more about marketing than your agency. Digital Marketing Agencies that know their stuff take the time teach you more about your own advertising and marketing in general. If you find that your sales rep doesn’t know what inbound marketing is and can’t tell you the difference between a click rate and conversion rate, you’re in trouble. Companies hire marketing agencies to know what they don’t so when you’re on the hunt, be sure to give your agency a pop quiz or two before signing the contract.

#4 They Value Reporting

Digital Marketing Agencies that have your best interest in mind practice with full disclosure. If you’re not receiving reports at least once a week, then there could be a breakdown in communication. A qualified digital marketing agency should have their own integrated reporting software that tells you about campaigns in-depth. Weekly reporting holds everyone to a higher standard of accountability and contributes to data driven marketing, which as mentioned above, is extremely important to results. Also, pro-tip, once you find that agency that’s just right for you; take some time to read the reports. You might notice trends and demographics you hadn’t seen before.

Recap: What to Look For In Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing contracts are expensive and though they frequently have great returns, there is a lot that goes into setting one agency above the rest. Remember that data driven marketing has proven to be the best time and time again. Read a recent study on why data is important. Similarly, that a well rounded campaign includes intelligent and experienced marketers who value accountability and design above the rest. If you keep those in mind the ROI will follow. To get an analysis on what type of digital marketing would work best for you; click here to contact an Admail West representative. We are a full service digital marketing agency.

Key Components for Building an Online Presence

If your business hasn’t started with building an online presence, now is the time to start. There are too many reasons behind why building an online presence is beneficial to your business. Through a strong and engaged audience, your can garner the attention of potential clients, build trust in others, expose your brand, grow your business, and preset opportunities to sell your product or service. That’s a lot to gain! To do this, you’ll have to utilize your content marketing strategy to it’s maximum potential. Get started with our agency suggestions for effectively building your online audience.

Define your goals.

This is a step that should be defined before you begin building an online presence. If you’ve already started, that’s okay, there’s still room to readjust your strategy. You will want to look into who your target audience is. What is the demographic, what are their interests, what time are they online? Are you aiming for conversions, newsletter sign-ups, or leads? These are just a few questions to ask yourself before you begin any type of blogging, email, or social media marketing. If you don’t know where to start, dig deep into your Google Analytics account for insights or start with A/B testing.  Looking into these metrics saves you time, and helps you get clear on who you are catering to.

Keep your content all in one place.

Your viewers will not want to visit multiple sites to view your content. The focus is to make your content easily accessible. If you plan to build an audience through a blog, keep all your blog posts on one page, don’t scatter your content across your website. If social media is your outlet, keep your content there. You only have a few seconds to win over a potential follower. Remember,you are catering to your audience and making their user experience as easy as possible. If your content is organized in one place, people are more likely to follow and revisit your content.

Consistency is key.

This is the most important factor in growing your following online. The moment you stop providing content is the moment your audience will lose interest. In an ever-competitive online space, others can expect to see new content, emails, and social media posts often. It’s easy to lose engagement in your followers when you stop adding content or start posting lesser-quality content. In that case, focus on creating quality content, frequently. For this reason, an editorial calendar is a must for any content marketing strategy.

Provide something of value.

It’s most likely a given that providing other’s with quality will make them recognize and want more of your brand. However, consistently providing quality is easier said than done. So how can you provide quality content? Look for topics that haven’t been covered, share new insights that you’ve learned, add a fun twist to your social media or share an engaging infographic. Creativity and innovation play a huge role in making your content stand out.

Encourage others to share your brand.

Continual growth is your end goal in building an online presence. SEO will always help in making your brand found, but for efficiency having your content shared helps you gain followers, faster. For example, you can establish connections with other well-know brands or bloggers, and ask them to share your website or content. Make sharing easy through adding sharing buttons in your email, social media, or blog. It also never hurts to add a call to action in your content!

Admail West is a leading content marketing agency in Sacramento for making real results happen. Call us today.

5 Tips to Strengthen Your Social Media Strategy

With social media constantly evolving, there’s always more you can do to enhance your social media strategy. Without regular updates and enhancements, your social media can get dull and boring. Staying current with trends and technologies keeps your viewers interested and engaged. If you’re looking to add more to your social media strategy, follow these tips from our social media management experts!

1. Cross-Reference Your Social Media Channels

Add power to each of your social media profiles through cross-referencing them. To do this, periodically ask your followers to visit  and follow another one of your social media platforms. Be sure to post a link and include what exclusive features followers can find following a specific social media profile, such as business updates, free information and tips, or chances to enter in upcoming contests. For this reason, diversifying your content is important for all your social media channels. Cross-referencing your social media channels is a great idea to build your social media strategy.

2. Uniform Branding

The right branding can make or break your marketing efforts. Branding is essential for viewers to identify with your brand or business. If viewers can't consistently identify with your business through your choice of logos, colors, fonts, or slogans, your brand identity is weakened and holds less trust as a cohesive business. Having uniform branding throughout all of your social media and website pages creates an identity that viewers are familiar with, and one that they can relate to.

3. Utilize Your Analytics

Analytics data is always available for social media and all of your digital marketing. In addition to installing Google Analytics and other online analytics software, you need to take it a step further to interpret and implement your data. Dig deep to find what types of posts get the most engagement, best posting times, demographics and more. There are always insights to be found in your social media. See what generates the highest return on investment, and take it from there.

4. Implement A/B Testing

A/B testing is an advanced step in finding data to improve your social media. By testing between two or more variants, you can understand the hidden behaviors of your audience. For example, you might choose to compare two headlines, test variations in colors, language, demographics, calls to action, and more. Honing in on the smaller details can uncover a lot about how your should go about your social media strategy. Conduct A/B tests often, as consumer tastes and interests change. Remember, the smallest changes can drive big results in your marketing.

5. Keep Building Your Audience

It’s never enough to just maintain your social media presence. You must actively participate in growing your audience and engaging them. Interacting, commenting and sharing your content on other social media profiles pays dividends by increasing exposure for your brand and consequently gaining more followers. Also consider paid advertising through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Nowadays, social media sites are offering more paid advertising options to effectively reach your current and potential audiences.

Our social media management specialists know what it takes to get your brand seen and heard. If you’re looking for a group of talented designers and marketers, contact Admail West to get started!

Design Essentials: Developing A Successful Brand

Developing your new brand identity, starts and ends with a firm understanding of your company and what it has to offer. As times change, so should your company. Whether that is to reflect that your audience has expanded demographics or it has aged with existing targets, you need a brand that is recognizable and unique to you. Most company owners have a feeling about what they do best, and when you sit down to brainstorm your new identity, remember that in the digital age, your brand is the most important part of your company.

  • Audience Targeting In Your Brand

Before starting a new look, sit down with your team and a marketing agency to get a grasp on who is your target audience. This should change your logo and coloring because depending on age, gender, class, business, and salary range for your customers, they will respond to things differently. It’s extremely important to know who your audience is. A great way to get a visual concept is to look at your social media followers. Platforms like Facebook allow agencies like Admail West to run reports on a specific page’s demographics. Once you have a solid grasp on this, then you can move on to the design.

  • Inspired Graphic Designer

This is the second most important part of your new look. You should only work with designers that have a deep understanding of brand guidelines and qualities. An inspired designer can shave months off of your rebrand time. Also, remember to listen to their advice. Many people forget that sometimes less is more. When you stray from the straight and narrow of branding, be sure to ask your designer for some input.

  • Brand Consistency

Once your brand is done, make sure it’s spread everywhere. We mean absolutely everywhere. There should be no trace of your old brand except in archived material and contracts. Consistency is what makes a brand particularly recognizable and successful. You don’t want to miss out on being remembered because your email signature is non-descript. Brand consistency breeds trust.

Make Your Content Stand Out from the Rest

Every brand with an online presence needs a constant stream of fresh content to post on their social media, blogs, and website. In the midst of thousands of pieces of content released everyday, it becomes more competitive to ensure that your content is engaging, useful, and share-worthy. To find a strong return on investment on your content marketing strategy, you will want to ensure people are really seeing and engaging in your content. To do this, creating exceptional and flawlessly executed content is a must. Read our content marketing agency tips to learn how you can make your content stand out from the rest.

Make It Visually Appealing

The visual appeal of your content is the first determining factor whether viewers will click, read or or take action on your content. Creating visually appealing content is the first step in initially engaging your audience. To make your content engaging, always add photos to your articles, blogs posts, or website content. A relevant and quality photo is the determining factor in whether your audience will engage in your piece of content.

If adding photos to your content, use high-quality stock images. A dull, poorly taken photo will not capture any attention, and will not validate your content as being high-quality. Professional pictures will make your brand look just like that, professional.

Hire An Editor

Typos and grammatical errors are taboo when publishing any type of content. Not only will viewers lose interest, your brand or business will lose credibility.  For extensive articles, blog posts, or informational articles, it’s always great to have an editor sift through your content to guarantee it’s sharp, readable, and error-free.

Focus On Creating Something Unique

The time spent brainstorming and creating one-of-a kind content will have the highest ROI for your content marketing strategy. Whether it be an in-depth infographic, a fun animated video, or an insightful blog post, there is always a way to add creativity to make your content exclusive. With something new and innovative, people are more likely to share, comment and dig deeper into your brand.

Start the Process Early

Creating memorable content takes time. By allocating enough time to create your content, you can ensure  the process will be seamless and your content will be more than ready to be published, shared, and promoted. Start by creating a content calendar to get organized and set deadlines.

Admail West is the leading content marketing agency in the Sacramento region. If you’re looking for a team of highly talented and dedicated content marketers, copywriters, and graphic designers to take your content marketing to another level, contact us today!

The Basics of A/B Testing

A/B testing is an extremely powerful tool in online marketing. With digital marketing, companies can spend time honing in on exactly what language, colors, and offers work the best on each specific demographic. Creating version testing allows you to collect more data on your customers. This is exceptionally useful to companies exercising lean practices to grow. Every marketing attempt you make should tell you valuable information about your clients.

Visual A/B Testing

Many online marketing platforms allow you to run competitive campaigns against yourself. The benefit of this is that you can take two ideas that are similar with a small variation, or completely different, and see which gathers the best response. Places to do this include Facebook, landing pages, websites, and emails. It’s not surprising that certain colors, fonts, and wording work better for different industries. These visual cues can attract very different types of customers.

Language and Call To Action Variation

Another great way to A/B test is to switch up your language. You can do this by writing different offers on buttons, vouchers, and subject lines. Then you send to two different test batches and see which performs better before you run a large and expensive campaign. Getting the language right can inspire trust in customers which goes a long way in ROI.

Blind A/B Testing

With the help of a marketing expert, you can run a blind A/B test. What this means is that you take two landing page variants, or website variants, and run them at 50% intervals on random. This way half of your customers see one and half see the other. Then you gain analytics on what kind of people respond to each campaign. Keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be 50/50. You can run one more and one less. This kind of testing allows you to start fresh without any preconceived notions about what will work. Sometimes the greatest struggle for a marketer is to come up with new and fresh ideas without projecting past experience. A/B testing automates the new campaign model allowing you to learn more.

The Benefits of A/B Testing

While we could go on for days about the benefits of A/B testing. There are a few notable things that we feel just might sell you on the option. In the end, marketing is all about learning from your past experience and moving forward with the most information possible.

The Benefits of A/B Testing:

  • Test Colors and Images
  • Hone in on Gender and Demographic Differences
  • Increased Chance of Lead Generation
  • More Data. More Data. More Data.
  • Improved Strategy and ROI
  • Unique Information You Couldn’t Find Any Other Way

Platforms that A/B Testing Improves:

  • Web Design
  • Facebook and Social Media Ads
  • PPC
  • Landing Pages
  • Emails
  • Print Ads
  • Automated Processes

To find out more about how A/B testing could transform your marketing, email us at Admail West today!

Diversifying Your Approach to Social Media

As a digital marketing agency we've seen huge growth and opportunity through the world of social media. Because social media is an extremely sought-after marketing tool, there’s more competition than ever to capture user engagement and perfect your strategy. With that said, you’ll want to make sure your social media strategy is up fresh and up to date. Think of this like a social media audit: Are you reaching the right audience? Are followers interested in what you have to say? Is your content dynamic and interactive? These are only a few questions to ask yourself when reevaluating your approach to your marketing strategy. Read on to find ways you can diversify your approach to social media.

Start With Content

Whether you manage your own social media posts or hire a social media management agency, you want to ensure your content is engaging. At the end of the day, we know that good content drives more interaction on social media sites. You might be posting fun photos, updates, and valuable information, but is it all under one medium? Are you including other pieces of diversified content, such as videos, webinars, or infographics? Looks for ways in which you can vary your type of content.

Re-Think Your Audience

Every great social media marketing strategy has a clear understanding of it’s audience. If your goal is to drive sales or conversions, then targeting your specific audience is crucial. You might have already done research for your demographics, but as time evolves, purchasing trends change. Take it a step further and target new types of audiences you might not expect. As trends change, conducting A/B tests on your current and potential audiences is a must.

Integrate Social Media with Other Marketing Channels

Social media doesn't have to end at just your social media sites. Integrating social media campaigns with other marketing platforms strengthens your marketing potential. You might cross-reference social media with online marketing outlets such as email promotions, coupons, advertisements, landing pages and more. When pairing two marketing channels, your chances of marketing success increase exponentially.

Diversifying your social media strategy from time to time can be effective in solidifying your brand’s online presence, popularity and engagement. If you’re looking to supercharge your social media strategy, contact Admail West today to learn about our how our social media marketing team can help your brand succeed.

Earning Consumer Trust Online

Due to less and less personal interaction between companies and their clients, it can be tricky learning how to earn consumer trust online. Unlike past advertising that drove clients to pick up the phone or come into a store to make purchasing decisions, people are spending more time making those decisions through the virtual world. How does your company build a trustworthy online reputation?

Tell The Truth To Consumers

One of the biggest mistakes we see is companies stretching the truth online. In the digital age, it only takes a few clicks of a button to fact check. What’s worse is that this can even perpetuate a negative reputation. But this is nothing to shy away from the internet over. Earning consumer trust online is about taking your best assets and putting them on display. Many ways of doing this are using real photos rather than stock photos, being open about your employees, and always following through with your promises. If your website says that you will return an inquiry in less than 24 hours, it’s important to do so.

Join The Conversation To Build Consumer Trust

Online directories are one of the biggest blessings of online marketing. Rather than word of mouth being completely out of your control, you can now be a part of what customers say about you online. If you’re receiving reviews on a site like Yelp or Google Places, respond to them. Consumer trust is built through conversation. Say thank you for the good reviews and respond, quickly, to the bad ones. If you are actively seeking to build a reputation of good work, this comes with taking credit for the positive alongside the negative.

Consumers Trust Recent Updates

Your online portfolio of photos, services, and products need to be represented online with reliable frequency. By keeping new accomplishments and reviews listed online, you show consumers that you are relevant and available. Build consumer trust by being active on social media, your blog, and emails. Consumer trust in E-commerce is built by making sure everything looks and runs smoothly. Letting your website or social media fall inactive communicates negligence even when you’re the most trustworthy and reliable vendor in your field.

While you can get bogged down with the large marketing mediums available online, building consumer trust comes easily when your organization is intentional and active. A marketing agency, like Admail West, can help your company stay on top of both lead management, growth and your online reputation.

Landing Page Best Practices

Following landing page best practices makes the difference between a high conversion rate and no incoming leads at all. In fact, depending on your industry, landing pages have been proven to bring in more leads than just a standard webpage. What makes landing pages so successful is that the psychology behind them communicates a need for immediate action which in most cases is filling out a contact form. How can you maximize landing pages to multiply your conversions? The following best practices can help you create a lead generation machine efficiently.

Minimal Navigation

Best practice number one for landing pages is to demolish links and menu bars. Unlike your website which encourages people to learn more about your company and interact, a landing page is all about converting a visitor to a lead. The biggest benefit of a landing page is that it is transactional. It tells a visitor if you do X you get Y. If the only navigation out of the landing page is by filling out a form, then your odds of getting a completed form improve vastly. Exceptions to this rule are links to your social media and potentially a small link through your logo to the main site. Otherwise, ditch the menu bar.


Landing page best practices number 2 is to use visual content to convey your message. Studies show that people do not read online they way they do on printed material. Reading is not a smooth motion from left to right but instead they first scan a page for clues about the content before deciding to read it. By using pictures with large print captions or CTA’s included, you greatly improve your chance of having readers absorb the message or deal you are conveying and then act on it.


If you are looking for a lead for industries like travel, solar, insurance, finance or more, (basically anything that isn’t E-commerce), you need to give something to get something. The best way to do this is provide a coupon for your product only available to people who fill out a form. Other options for a freebie are E-books, free consults, discounts, or priority ahead of clients gained through other ways. If it’s worth their while, anyone will be willing to hand over their information. By coming up with an important or generous offer, you are twice as likely to have an above-average conversion rate. (Remember most industry conversion rates fall between 3-11%. Those with freebies are looking more at a 16-22% conversion rate.)


The best landing page practice has been saved for last. Traffic is the most important part of turning your landing page into a lead generator for your company. How do you get traffic to a landing page? PPC advertising is one of the biggest landing page supports for marketing. However, alternatives include well-constructed social media ads, email campaigns, and print ads. Try testing out a specific medium or use them all to get the best lead conversion results.

Interested in landing page design? Contact the marketing experts at Admail West for our custom design landing page packages today!

Translating Analytics Into Business Success

If you’re utilizing an integrated marketing campaign, you most likely work with a variety of marketing tactics, ranging from Google Adwords, social media, email marketing, and more. Behind these marketing channels lies a wealth of information and insights, all available through the power of web analytics. As a leading digital marketing agency, we know that analytics are the backbone in uncovering purchasing and conversion trends, ultimately leading to steady growth for your business.

Through marketing analytics, the biggest challenge lies in actually applying your analytics findings to  improve your marketing strategy. Read to learn how you can translate your analytics into a successful marketing campaign.

1. Find & Interpret Your Data

Getting your analytics set up is just one step in the process. There are many tools available online to capture data coming to your website, social media pages, advertisements, and more. If you don’t know where to start, look into configuring Google Analytics for your website. Google Analytics provides an interactive dashboard where you can easily view and export your data, as well as apply and compare metrics.

Once your method of retrieving data is established, the next step is to interpret it. This is another reason reporting software comes in handy. Comparing metrics, dates, social media analytics and campaign information is crucial in finding insights on your strategy. For example, you might find your PPC campaign has more conversions in the weekdays rather than the weekend, or that you have exponentially more traffic when publishing a blog post once a week rather than twice a week. For whatever you are measuring, you will always find results that reveal the strengths and weaknesses in your marketing.

2. Take Action on Your Insights

You’ve spent quite some time looking into your marketing analytics to uncover and interpret what’s working and what’s not. Now comes the most important part of making your analytics a success: applying, adjusting, and making changes according to your data.

For example, your social media analytics reveal that those over the age of fifty are engaging more with your recent social media campaign. You might adjust your upcoming campaign and target those fifty and over, to get maximum results. Or, you might find most of your landing page visits are coming from your email marketing efforts rather than PPC. In this case, you will want to change your strategy and budget to focus more on email marketing to capture leads or conversions. Taking tangible action on your marketing analytics will always boost your efficiency, results, and sales.

3. Measure and Repeat

Measuring and applying your analytics data is a big step towards a solid marketing strategy. Even though you’ve made improvements, your testing shouldn’t end there. After making any change or implementation, you will have to measure your results once again, and for any new insights, adjust your strategy once more. At the end of the day, applying analytics is all about refining your strategy to be more precise and effective in every way.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, our analytics experts can help provide you with marketing results. If you’re looking to grow your business through marketing analytics, contact Admail West today.

Influencing Your Audience Through Blogging

In the rise of content marketing, blogging is essential for every business, no matter how large or small. You can see that every reputable business maintains a blog, where they can establish themselves as leaders and connect with their clients or customers. Though the return on investment from adding blogging to your content marketing strategy is not direct, the influence you can have on current and potential clients is very powerful. Read on to learn how you can influence your audience through blogging.

Becoming a Leader in Your Industry

Writing highly informative and insightful blog posts helps any business establish themselves as an authority. Sharing your company’s knowledge strengthens trust between you and your audience. By letting others know what you know, others will see you as a leader in your industry. By providing content that’s original and valuable, others are more likely to trust you as an industry leader and invest in your product or service.

Create a Hub of Discussion

Through your blog, potential and current audiences have the chance to connect with your insights and information. Other industry leaders can also tune into your discussion to share and add knowledge. Taking the time to provide answers through your blog, reply to other's comments, and actively participate in your own online community influences others to believe that you are indeed an industry leader.

Make Yourself Found

There is no better benefit of maintaining a blog than having your business found online. A solid and frequently updated blog will always show up in search engine results through SEO. Increased exposure for both your blog can brand can only mean more leads and conversions, and ultimately more growth for your business.

Establish Your Authority Today

The sooner a blog is implemented and executed through your content marketing strategy, the sooner you can start generating leads and followers. If you’re wondering how to begin, reach out to Admail West Sacramento. Our digital marketing company includes content marketers, graphic designers, and strategists that all work together to integrate blogging into any marketing strategy. Get started with a consultation today!

6 Ways to Cut Your Social Media Marketing Time in Half

Social media can have a very high return on investment. Unfortunately, it’s very possible to get lost in spending countless hours scoping out, perfecting, and posting your content. Though the time time you spend building a solid social media strategy is never wasted, it can take a big, unnecessary chunk out of your workweek. Follow these simple tips on cutting your social media marketing time in half.

1. Automate!

Social media automation is most likely the best method to save time on executing your strategy. Free software like Hootsuite and Buffer give you the option to schedule posts for any day and time. This is also great if you are working with an editorial calendar, and want to schedule your posts far in advance. With social media automation, you can execute your social media strategy within just a few hours or less per week.

2. Curate Content as You Go

Scoping out relevant and engaging content is by far the most time-consuming aspect of any social media strategy. You can spend hours searching for the right content, being led from one site to the next, and ultimately still finding nothing to share. Instead of designating a chunk of time for your content search, try keeping an eye out for relevant content as you go along your day, and bookmark it for later. Adding relevant sites to your RSS feed can also help you curate your content easily throughout your week.

3. Share Other's Content

Sharing content is a great way to grow your social media connections as well as cut down the time you spend finding and sharing information. Sharing, re-tweeting, or pinning take only a few seconds to add content to your page.

4. Stock Photos

When creating your own own social media content, it can take time to find the perfect photo through a web search. Not only that, but most photos are not high-quality, and take up even more time needing to be re-touched and edited. Investing in a popular stock photo site can help you instantly find that perfect photo to go with your blog or social media post.

5. Keep It Simple

Your social media strategy doesn’t have to be a complex endeavor. Most of the time, viewers on social media are looking for quick information and fast reads. You only have about a second to capture someone’s attention. In this case, simple is always better. Spending time crafting the absolute perfect, lengthy post won’t always get you better results.

6. Leave It to the Experts

Even after applying the tips above, we understand that you still might not have the time or resources to execute an effective social media marketing strategy. At Admail West, we’ve had repeated success in launching social media campaigns and bringing success to our clients. If you’re interested in leaving your social media marketing to the experts, contact Admail West today!

5 Reasons To Consider Email Marketing

Email marketing is a re-marketing super tool for companies looking to stay in contact with their leads. Using and email marketing service allows you to constantly stay in front of past leads and turn a one-time customer into a returning customer. The following five reasons will change your mind about why your company must have email marketing campaigns now!

#1- Remarketing Matters

Its a pretty simple game in the realm of email marketing. You collect email addresses on your website, at a tradeshow, or in your place of business. Once you have them, you are able to take that interest and one time purchase and multiply it into many purchases. With promos and “VIP” club membership via email you can entice your customers to keep buying with regular email marketing services.

#2- Nurture With News

If you’re not in dialogue with your customers online, your competitors are. An email marketing campaign allows you to update customers on new products, upgrades, and sales. It will drive both online and retail business, we promise.

#3- Analytics and Answers

Many companies have evolving demographic markets. How can you intend to stay in tune with your audience if you don’t know who it is? An email marketing company like Admail West, allows you to get advanced analytics on your clients. You can learn things like best time of day to sell, gender, age, IP address, lifestyle and so much more.

#4- Promotionals

A sale doesn’t bring in revenue if your customers don’t know you’re having it. Using emails for promotional opportunities can double a conversion rate online within a matter of hours. That aspect alone makes email marketing services more than worth it.

#5- Brand Awareness

When you are in your customer’s email inbox regularly, you’re going to create a relationship with your brand. That means when you’re seen in a store, online, or on a past client that people remember you. People purchase what they know which makes keeping your brand in front of them with an email marketing campaign is essential.

Interested in starting an Email Marketing Campaign?

Ask us about our starter packages.

Driving Leads Through Mobile Marketing

As you might know, a digital strategy is a crucial component in bringing your business success. If you want to keep your business in the forefront of your competition, you’ll have to add new angles and approaches to your digital advertising strategy. At Admail West, we’ve seen technology paving the way for an emerging marketing outlet: mobile devices. In today’s rapidly evolving use of mobile phones, theres no better way to up your marketing strategy to include mobile marketing.  Read on to learn how and why you should be driving leads through mobile advertising.

Why Mobile Marketing?

It’s not a surprise that most people nowadays rely on their mobile phones for everything from directions to restaurant reviews to Google searches, and more. Mobile use is expected to outgrow desktop use in the coming years. A continued growth in mobile browsing presents untapped marketing opportunities for local and online businesses.

Not only does mobile advertising reach a higher audience, it drives phone leads. Though they are sometimes overlooked in the world of online marketing, phone calls are always high quality lead source. By finding your product or service through Google searches or mobile ads, leads show their interest in your brand, product, or service through a phone call, which can lead to an in-house visit or sales conversion.

Shortening the Gap Between Customer & Conversion

Mobile use presents a shorter sales path between a customer and a business: potential customers or clients are more likely to call a phone number listed on their phone, since making a phone call is more easily accessible as opposed to a desktop.

There are multiple ways to take advantage of mobile advertising. For local businesses, potential customers turn to Yelp, Facebook, and business websites on their phones to find reviews or call in-store with questions. By having your business optimized and listed online, interested leads can easily call into your shop or find directions. Google’s Adwords platform also gives every business a chance to place mobile ads. Google’s mobile PPC ads are highly effective for lead generation. Because mobile ads give the user an option to call your business with a click of a button, users are again more likely to call in.

How Can I Add Mobile to My Strategy?

You may have a digital advertising strategy in place, but it’s not as optimal without mobile advertising as a part of it. You’ll need PPC, social media, content, and graphic design experts on hand to give you the most of your mobile marketing efforts. If you’re looking to optimize your business growth through mobile marketing, call Admail West and get started today!

Why You Should Invest In PPC (Pay Per Click Ads)

PPC advertising is one of the most effective ways to quickly turn a profit online without the hassle of waiting for your good SEO practices to kick in. While SEO is extremely important, it is a marathon while PPC is much more of a sprint. With PPC you can have high rankings for extremely targeted keywords and start seeing conversions flow in within days rather than months. For marketing experts like us, PPC is our way to get a more immediate return especially with companies willing to spend a little extra upfront for quicker results.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click advertising. This is a paid program through Google Adwords where you choose frequently searched words and create ads that show up on the top and sides of searches. A paid search ad is excellent because you only pay for the advertising if someone clicks on your ad. In reality, you are only paying for a guaranteed site visitor.

Who Should Use PPC?

We recommend PPC advertising for retail, health, travel, and financial industries. In highly competitive markets, you can expand your reach more efficiently than ever. Furthermore, PPC allows you to start following your prospects around the internet. With Google Adwords, you can also become part of the Google Display Network. That means you can have paid ads show up in your client’s emails, on sites they frequently visit and more. Advertising like this allows you to get farther faster.

How To Manage PPC?

The trickiest part of PPC is the day to day changes in the market. When there are lots of changes, you will want to have someone ready to check in, optimize ads, and monitor spends every single day. Hiring a marketing agency is an excellent way to get the benefits of PPC without the daily work. PPC requires an understanding of the Google search algorithm and marketing fluctuations. Get more information about PPC advertising today and contact the Admail West experts.

4 Social Media Hacks for Your Business

Social media management and marketing pay huge dividends when done right. As a leading digital marketing agency in Sacramento, we’re attuned to the ins and outs of what makes social media marketing successful. Read to find social media hacks that you can apply to your business today.

1. Contests & Promotions

Holding a contest or promotion is great for your social media marketing strategy. Increasing audience engagement, driving leads, and gaining followers are all benefits of putting this tactic into play. When you do decide to run your contest or promotion, keep in mind your target audience and end goal. Do you want to generate revenue or increase brand awareness? For any of your marketing objectives, running a fun contest or promotion could be a game-changer in your strategy.

2. Seasonal Posts

The holidays stir up excitement offline and online, meaning social media channels are very active throughout the holidays. By creating unique and engaging holiday posts, you can up your social media engagement as well as generate qualified leads for your business. Before the festivities roll around, be sure to brainstorm some unique content for your holiday posts, and add them to your editorial calendar.

3. Landing Pages

In online marketing, landing pages are one of the most effective tools for capturing information and generating leads. If you’re promoting a product or service online, always direct viewers to a landing page specific to the nature of your post.

4. 'Share' Buttons

If you want above-average returns on your content and social marketing efforts, always include sharing buttons on your webpage. This gives the option for viewers to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media platform. Maximize the number of impressions for your content, expose your brand, and help your content go viral with social sharing buttons.

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Hiring a digital marketing agency to handle your social media management can help grow your business. If you’re looking for experienced social media marketers, contact Admail West Sacramento today.

Trick or Treat- Three Tricks For Lead Generation

While you may have a killer social media campaign, every company’s end goal is lead generation. Simple awareness and engagement doesn’t always translate to financial gain. With modern digital marketing we know that media awareness can be harnessed into extremely powerful leads, you just have to know how. In the following steps, you’ll see how insider secretes can transform your digital marketing into your largest producer of leads.

Trick #3

The Twofold Call To Action. With social media lead generation, you’ll often find that you have the potential to encourage interaction within a post online. Something many people struggle with is the decision to call for either a lead conversion or a social engagement conversion. The secret is to have both. Always. Make a post that is visually appealing and in the text call your readers to first “like” or “share” your post. Then include a link to the page you really want them to follow. It’s so simple but we guarantee you’ll see the leads pile up.

Trick #2

Give Your Followers A Reason. Want to convert leads now? Stop using gimmicks like “free quote” or “the best around”. Alone, those phrases lack the ability to capture attention and encourage your site visitors to fill out a form instantly. Make it an immediate need. Warn your prospects on the dangers of going without your service. Or tell them they can have a free quote or free sample, if they fill out the form before a set time and date. Creating urgency with a persuasive invitation can take you a long way.

Trick #1

Use A Landing Page. Want leads now? Stop directing your ads to your homepage. That is the biggest mistake in online marketing, and we see it all the time. When someone clicks on an ad, offer, or social media posting, they want to be taken to relevant content right away. Frequently your homepage will be a blanket summary of services and products rather than immediate information about your offer. Landing pages make it hard to navigate away and promote a higher amount of form submissions.

Bonus Trick

Hiring a team like Admail West allows your business to have access to tons of resources and experts in each faucet of marketing. Allow us to develop your marketing and watch the lead generation soar.