6 Ways to Cut Your Social Media Marketing Time in Half

Social media can have a very high return on investment. Unfortunately, it’s very possible to get lost in spending countless hours scoping out, perfecting, and posting your content. Though the time time you spend building a solid social media strategy is never wasted, it can take a big, unnecessary chunk out of your workweek. Follow these simple tips on cutting your social media marketing time in half.

1. Automate!

Social media automation is most likely the best method to save time on executing your strategy. Free software like Hootsuite and Buffer give you the option to schedule posts for any day and time. This is also great if you are working with an editorial calendar, and want to schedule your posts far in advance. With social media automation, you can execute your social media strategy within just a few hours or less per week.

2. Curate Content as You Go

Scoping out relevant and engaging content is by far the most time-consuming aspect of any social media strategy. You can spend hours searching for the right content, being led from one site to the next, and ultimately still finding nothing to share. Instead of designating a chunk of time for your content search, try keeping an eye out for relevant content as you go along your day, and bookmark it for later. Adding relevant sites to your RSS feed can also help you curate your content easily throughout your week.

3. Share Other's Content

Sharing content is a great way to grow your social media connections as well as cut down the time you spend finding and sharing information. Sharing, re-tweeting, or pinning take only a few seconds to add content to your page.

4. Stock Photos

When creating your own own social media content, it can take time to find the perfect photo through a web search. Not only that, but most photos are not high-quality, and take up even more time needing to be re-touched and edited. Investing in a popular stock photo site can help you instantly find that perfect photo to go with your blog or social media post.

5. Keep It Simple

Your social media strategy doesn’t have to be a complex endeavor. Most of the time, viewers on social media are looking for quick information and fast reads. You only have about a second to capture someone’s attention. In this case, simple is always better. Spending time crafting the absolute perfect, lengthy post won’t always get you better results.

6. Leave It to the Experts

Even after applying the tips above, we understand that you still might not have the time or resources to execute an effective social media marketing strategy. At Admail West, we’ve had repeated success in launching social media campaigns and bringing success to our clients. If you’re interested in leaving your social media marketing to the experts, contact Admail West today!