6 Updates On Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm

It's time to update your SEO marketing strategy and you may be a little lost with the in's and out's of Google's algorithm. The current algorithm, named Hummingbird, is more intuitive and simple than you may imagine. Let's take some time to get familiar with the updates.

1. The context of your content matters.

This is the single-most defining feature of Google’s Hummingbird. The new algorithm is designed not to only take into account keywords, but to also consider other synonymous words and semantics used throughout your content. Google calls this ‘conversational search.’ For example, the topic and words of an entire sentence are taken into account, rather than just the specific keyword placed in the sentence. It’s a big-picture approach to content.

2. Focus more on long-tail keywords.

Though shorter keywords are still relevant, long-tail keywords steal the spotlight in Hummingbird. Long tail keywords result from a longer search query that the user enters in the search box, as well as long-tail keywords placed in your web content. Long-tail keywords more relevant, and almost always result in a higher conversion rate and ROI on SEO marketing.

3. Informational content is the focus.

Google wants to answer user’s questions as best as they possibly can. ‘How-to’ or informational content takes the lead in search results content. Be sure to add in some instructional posts to your website or blog.

4. Your homepage isn’t everything.

To further refine search results for users, Google has begun displaying specific web pages in their search results, as opposed to general home pages. For example, users searching for ‘Integrated Marketing Sacramento’ might land on Admail West’s homepage www.admailwest.com. With Hummingbird, search results will display a more relative page in the website, such as www.admailwest.com/service/integrated-marketing. Taking the next step and ensuring that every page on your website is optimized will pay dividends.

5. Older SEO factors are still relevant.

It’s important to remember that older SEO factors matter in creating a cohesive content strategy. High-quality backlinks and shorter keywords are still part of the equation. If you’re not too familiar with the workings of SEO, consider hiring SEO experts like Admail West.

6. Fresh, new content will never go out of style.

As always, a solid website is one that churns up their content on a consistent basis. Regular website audits and refreshed content signal to Google that your page has new, updated, and relevant content.

So Why Should You Care About SEO Updates?

Hummingbird will give preference to those who follow proper SEO marketing practices. Creating quality, informational content for the purpose of helping your audience will always lead the way to a solid and unquestionable content marketing strategy. To get the best results, content and SEO practices can be incorporated through your blog or website content.

In the ever-changing landscape of SEO, creativity and in-depth industry knowledge are essentials. As a skilled digital marketing agency, Admail West houses a team of knowledgeable SEO experts. We help clients improve their search rankings ethically and efficiently. If you’re looking for a skilled team of marketing professionals, learn about Admail West SEO services for your website. Contact us today!