5 Quick Tips to Begin Online Marketing

In the evolution of marketing, it’s not uncommon for many companies to just begin entering the online marketing space. With a little guidance, navigating the set up process can be simple and effective to help build up your lead generating machine. Social media marketing and other online platforms can allow a company to increase and extend their reach in a way that wasn't previously possible. Because creating integrated marketing that works is what we do best, Admail West would like to share the five best practices to build up your online presence without a hitch.

Start Online Marketing:

  1. Claim all your social media profiles. If you've yet to reserve your Facebook and Twitter accounts, among others, you could miss out on your name if someone else has claimed it. Whether you are ready to begin using social media or not, staking your claim early in the game gives you the flexibility to take your time on strategy instead of name changes.
  2. Develop a brand deck and stick to it. A solid brand deck should include: typography, logo(s), an icon, a color palette, slogan, and a content voice. These will be your secret weapon in creating an unmistakable look and message. Major brands stick to their brand deck so well that often a single color can instantly spark an association in customer’s minds.  Make sure to brand all your images, collateral, posts and any other client facing marketing assets to increase recognition.
  3. Optimize your website. While this is more of a process than a one off, take some steps every day to strengthen your SEO. This means running keyword research and demographics research to define how you should communicate and with what specific language. Then hire a writer/SEO specialist, or do it yourself if you’re feeling determined, to create new content for static pages. Pro tip: Start a blog now. Even a little bit every week will transform your site sooner than you think.
  4. Start collecting customer emails. In order to start email marketing campaigns you will need a client list with email contacts. It is really important that when you do start it, you already have a good database of interested customers to maximize success. Ask for emails at your register if you have a storefront, put an email form on your website, and start entering them into one document. We promise it’s going to come in handy for all your automated marketing needs in the future.
  5. Hire a marketing partner.Online marketing is simple with the right campaign strategy. A marketing partner will help you weed out the essential from the things that can be put on the back burner. Knowing where and when to start can really help you get results right away without wasting time or experiencing minimal results in the beginning.

Online Marketing and Admail West

Our team is fully equipped to bring your company top notch results in all realms of integrated marketing. Our passion is growing companies to their full potential with new and developing online strategies and implementation. We would be honored to work with you for all your online marketing needs.