Who else is Using Direct Mail?

Benjamin Franklin saw the importance of having a national mail service. As a supporter and lead advocate for this service, he became the United States first Post Master. Franklin also understood the value of Direct Mail and used it to promote his books. In the late 1700’s, Franklin would send out catalogs of his works to local readers. Many successful companies continue to follow his lead. This marketing strategy has existed for a much longer time than most of us realize. But just because direct mail has been around for centuries, doesn’t mean it’s outdated or any less effective. Despite our booming technology and resulting inclination to “go paperless”, successful companies are still finding great value in direct mail marketing campaigns.

The Fast food industry is an example of companies that frequently use direct mail. With simple coupons for their delicious, glorious, grease filled foods; they are able to boost sales significantly during slow periods at their restaurants. Using data that either company has at its disposal, it is possible for them to determine when their respective restaurants could use a bit more traffic and base their mail send outs around this information.

Similarly, leading auto insurance companies frequently use direct mail to reach customers. In combination with successful online marketing campaigns and television commercials, direct mail creates a great three way attack to keep your company on customers’ radar.

Of all the companies to use direct mail, the one that may be the most surprising is Google. In recent years Google has been known to use direct mail to promote various services. Considering Google is one of the biggest tech companies in the world and regarded as very progressive in the way they operate as a business, this speaks volumes for the effectiveness of direct mail.

Any of these major companies can prove the effectiveness of direct mail, and there is no doubt it can help smaller businesses as well. Admail West can create a campaign that works for your company, no matter what size. For more information visit us at admailwest.com or contact us